What is Yoga? Benefits of the China Miracle

what is yoga ? what is benefits of this chinese miracle

What is ?


a woman is opening the yoga mat

Yoga is an application that involving awareness transferred to humanity by Patanjali to run into harmony of body and clear mind in İndia 5000 years ago.

Yoga words means to integrated with everything in nature. This is a practice with the right pranayama. it also applies asanas and , physics, mind and soul provide balance in the body. This is a tool that allows us to evacuate our negative energy held in our stretching muscles.

this chinese miracle is like a bridge on one’s journey. Self-integration. Also This chinese miracle is the art of return to everything.

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Benefits of yoga in our physic mind

The benefits of yoga in our physic mind and soul are quite high. Our body grows with the meditation. With it running on the muscles surrounding the spine, the spine is stretched and its weight grows step by steps.

The strength of the centre of the body increases, which affects the whole body and posture of the body. With regular doing this meditation, you can reach benefits of yoga. muscles and strength are increased and weak muscles begin to wake up; as the muscles grow stronger, both the yoga poses and the posture in everyday life begin to develop.


Asanas and muscles


Asanas are comfortable to stretch the muscles, stiffness in the muscles, pain and laxity acid that causes fatigue. The muscles of the joints and muscles increase, the connective tissue that holds the body together strengthens.also we can reach benefits of yoga with this way. Chronic pain and muscle tension decrease.

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Asana in Yoga Meditation and Miracle features 


Yoga and Benefits

With the application of yoga, the respiratory system will heal; the muscles surrounding the chest, the muscles strength yourself, and the breathing capacity of the lungs increases.

Heart and blood circulation promotes yourself and hormones are in balance position and an intense toxin  excretes  yourself  from the body due to different exposure and transitions.

Yoga deeply massage the glands and organs, these tissues are balance of the life. In yoga, attention and focus increases with time in balance poses and physical alignment research.


İf you have weight problems you can do yoga


If we have weight problems, yoga is not as good as other sports activities to tackle these problems, but very good results can be achieve with this way. While our body is experiencing emotional problems, it keeps fat tissues and edema to protect itself. As the emotional blockages are clear during regular yoga, it will be easier to lose weight. Of course, our diet is very important in this regard.


In the practice of yoga, the stress hormone, which is the stress hormone, and the hormones that respond to the stress in the adrenal glands, reduce yourself , the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and the sensation of calmness in the body wakes up. Our ability to cope with stress increases. We begin to learn to live a deep peace.


Being a regular yoga practitioner gives people a deep awareness.


The breathing studies in yoga and the increased emotional awareness in practice begin to balance the person emotionally. With the feelings of wholeness and unity awakened, the person feels more at the centre, and opens a way of relaxation in his relationship with himself and with life.


During the practice of yoga, we begin to watch the breath, the movement, the senses and tendencies within us, the difference and the nature of the body and mind. A closer look at ourselves gives us space to see our own reality and awareness and relaxation we experience on yoga mat also affects our attitudes and reactions in daily life.

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There are some things unexplainable, lived. When the yoga is explains unexplainable, the value is understood when not experienced.

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