Rich Vitamin E Foods

there are rich vitamin e foods

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins. İt is associated with metabolism associate with antioxidant effect, and it struggles against all toxins that cause harm to the body. İt is a miracle vitamin type and is richness.

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Which vitamin e foods are rich ?




Almonds have the best sources of vitamin E and Only 28 grams of almonds, 7.4 milligrams of vitamin E contains. In addition, the need for vitamin E almond suiting and almond oil can also oppose.


Sunflower Seeds



Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame foods such as vitamin E are rich in foods. 1/4 (one in a glass of water) to the extent of sunflower kernel meets the needs of daily vitamin E 90.5.




Spinach has a important nutrition between Vitamin e foods.  is a great vegetable of calcium, folate and vitamin E depot. 1 water glass of boiled spinach daily vitamin E contains almost half of your need.



-Peanut, Damascus nuts

-Sonya oil, flax seed oil

-Canola oil, paprika

– Dry apricot, tomato

– Pepper, oregano

– Green olives, mango

-Sonya oil, kiwi

– spinach and broccoli

-Peanut and peanut

– corn oil, sunflower oil

-Sunflower  seed oil, wheat germ oil



Note: Some of these foods are high in calories.


What are the problems caused by vitamin E deficiency?


Pale skin and dryness

Increased wrinkles,

Consistency in the body

It causes problems such as loss of power.


What are the benefits of vitamin E?


Vitamin E protects you against heart diseases. Also, By taking enough vitamin E, it can prevent heart diseases and you can reduce the risk of stroke. Also you eliminates problems such as pain in the leg due to vascular occlusion and helps to regulate blood pressure.


It is very useful to eliminate the complications due to diabetes. and to consume vitamin E for the treatment of diabetes.


Vitamin E strengthens the immune system. Therefore This miracle vitamin deficiency protects the body against many lethal diseases. By strengthening the immune system unless it is experienced in the body.


It strengthens memory: Vitamin E prevents the development of problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and forgetfulness in the advancing age as it supports the heart and brain.


It is beneficial for gynecological diseases: Vitamin E is very useful for regulating blood pressure in late pregnancy and maintaining normal blood pressure. In addition, vitamin E, menstrual period, menstrual pain, menopause should be regularly consumed in the stress of a vitamin.

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