The Best Testing Website Jobs to Get $3000 monthly

earn money from testing websites

Best Platforms to Get Money Doing Websites Testing

Testing website jobs has been popular recently. Almost everyone need to money for comfortable life. When you see a luxury car probably you want to have the car too.

You may want a super lux house in beach side and testing website jobs can helps your dreams. With fixed income we cannot reach our dreams in big rate. However, you may not have money to meet the car and house. Unfortunately, only 1% of people around the world have these comfortable life.

If you are in %99, don’t sorry about that. You are in right place because this article will help you to find one. With this post you will know testing website jobs.


If you have a theme with responsive and good looking it will help you to impress your visitors. This is also helpful for your website and web experience.

So it’s the reason why website or blog owners pay money for checking their website

If the website owner’s don’t give money, he/she will have to pay to third-party software for checking.

You will need a few necessary for testing website jobs

  • A computer or a Laptop
  • Smartphone ( to check the website )
  • Microphone device
  • Active Internet Connection
  • About 3 web browsers


After we eliminate of deficiencies we can start. It is time money and to hit the road!


Testing Website Jobs

User testing is one of the best testing website jobs. The method of earning money that emerged with the concept of user experience design, which has recently become quite popular. This platform pays up to almost $10 – $15 for per test which will take 20 25 min time to complete

Don’t forget if you earn from this platform you need to good speaking skill.

When you are in test, you need to record your response, you should it to their team. If they accept your preview, they will give $10 via PayPal. With this way to make money is so easy. However, PayPal is not use in every country in the world.

Conditions: You must be +18 and know English well



Userfeel is  another one of the most popular testing website jobs and a big money platform. In this website. With this platform Earn 10/15 dollars for a 20-25 minute job. You can earn money in your free time too. To be a tester you can apply by entering your email address. The testers are subjected to a sample test before taking any work.

If your sample is approved, you will start taking test tasks via email. Payments are made via PayPal at the end of each week.

This work is suitable to residents of the United States or other nationals who are able to receive payments through PayPal.

This website supply to 40 language.



Validately hire testers to test companies’ mobile and websites. İn this site you need to be different and variety.

You can earn minimum of $25 for 30 minutes by completing a 5-minute test and talking on the smartphone with $5 or sharing your screen to moderator.

Payments are made via PayPal with 5 business days of the test. However, don’t worry because PayPal doesn’t used in your country. As alternatively, you can use the Payoneer Payment System


Enroll also earn money platform by testing websites with computer and smartphones but you need to a section (smartphone or computer).

Sign up Enroll. When your registration is complete you will be sent an e-mail to the testing process that is ready for you. The price receive may vary depending on the price.

Enroll gives you money for per test. Payment will be sent via PayPal for every month.


Earn money by answering companies’ questions about their websites. Each company specifies its own website and the questions to be answered. Once you have completed the task, you will report your ideas in writing.

For each completed test, $5 is paid and payments are made weekly via PayPal.


Another make money platforms














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