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AI: Can be a Reality Check

Artificial Intelligence can be a reality check   Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be the black, ” the glistening brand new thing, the response to each marketer’s insecurities. The latest development of AI in the Mine halls of academia along with the back rooms of info science was motivated by reports of drones, robots along with […]

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What is Beacon Technology? What is future of the Cool Technology

Beacon Technology will be future of the world       First of all, if you need to learn the Beacon technology: it is a cool technology that provides location information using low energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. As more simply, products or devices with beacon technology can emit passive signals and interact with smartphones near […]

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Alibaba Cloud: What is Future of the Cloud in Europe?

Alibaba Cloud and Effects of the Alibaba Cloud in Europe   Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud isn’t waiting to learn. Because Alibaba specifically has proven a keen interest in the area. Alibaba is an internet retailer. however, Alibaba showcased an outstanding growth as mentioned above but at exactly the same time, an individual should remember that […]

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Cloud Business: Small Business Cloud Solutions

Small Cloud Small Business   Cloud business is from new trends of the business world. An idea that is extensive and it’s been offering its variety of advantages to a bigger audience in a variety of facets. Also, ıt enables advancement and better innovation in client support and services. The cloud is turning into an […]

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Artificial Intelligence: AI’s effects to the future

How Artificial Intelligence will affect our world and business in future   It is a fact that Artificial intelligence is the future. Because Robotic Tech, Softwares and Business world have already been affect from AI. Also, Humans perform activities per their own intelligence. Besides, they are still in the first phases of practical AI and […]

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AI Companies: How Companies Are Using AI to Enhance the Experience?

How AI companies are using the artificial intelligence ?     AI companies has started to invest to the artificial intelligence. Because AI has assisted businesses to increase user experience in addition to supplying customer solutions that were intelligent. Besides, it will create new kinds of function has been cause for anxiety in regards to […]

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Work: Guide for Beginners

The True Meaning of How Does Artificial Intelligence work     It is an issue of concern how does artificial intelligence work. However, if you want, we can detail what artificial intelligence is. We know AI is popular recently, and it has started to effect our life and the world. Besides, artificial Intelligence became one […]

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What is Cloud Computing? Guide for Beginners 

Cloud Computing   Technology has started to grow so quickly. Especially for last 10 years… It is such a big growing that we can’t follow the developments. For example; smart phones, computers. However, cloud computing is from the most growing technology in the world. We can say it is a miracle technological development for people. […]

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