Most Successful Entrepreneurs and Their Actions

The most attractive entrepreneurs and their's actions

Successful and their actions in the world

 have been a tendency for a long time but this is not only as start-up or monetary. Therefore successful entrepreneurs that interest in social responsibility project are fenomen. For example: education of girlssexual violence, prisoner recovery, finance, disaster management and more…

These is main problems that it needs to solve in the world. Therefore many people started different projects to solve these problems. Thus Recently Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship selected 11 successful social entrepreneurs in 2018.

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Urvashi Sahni


İndian girls is looking the camera


Urvashi Sahni,who is from Study Hall Education Foundation have been working in 9 school and programme network. She is seen as successful by Indian people. In the position this successful entrepreneur interest in children with disabilitieschildren in rural areas and children outside the official school system.

They have worked with 900 government schools, trained 5,000 state teachers and supported the education of 500,000 children with her crew.


Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan


She is educating a lot of woman


From other successful entrepreneurs Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan is a lawyer and peace ambassador in Kenya. For a long time she has been active in Horn of Africa Development Initiave(HODI) The aim is to prepare a happy and peaceful living environment in the African Horn, which is a peninsula in Africa, by reaching 10,000 young people in 300 villages.



Valdeci Ferreira

Valdeci took a photo in prison


For Entrepreneurship about goodness we can say Ferreira is one the most goodness entrepreneur socially.Because When he was 21 years old, Valdeci Ferreira decided that his life‘s purpose was the rehabilitation of criminals.  

On 12 principles, he developed a method of rehabilitation for the prisoners to recover and reintegrate into society. İn addition, the incarceration tendencies of the prisoners who participated in this project fell from 85% to 30%. Ferreira also seen as one the most  successful entrepreneurs by many authors.



Bas van Abel


Bas van Abel and it's start-up



Bas van Abel is from the Netherlands. You can think a man who has passion for fields as different as they are fascinating. as a matter of fact, he showed curiosity for the parts and mechanisms.

He was able to create Fair Phone although he lived hard times. Fairphone devices are an initiative of Bas van Abel. Also It is changing the electronics industry by prioritizing social and environmental values. 

This company produce less harmful products to the world and offers a more suitable environment for workers because of working clear. So far, they sold 160,000 smartphones.


Bruktawit Tigabu


Bruktawit Tigabu is posing the camera


Bruktawit Tigabu is 37 and from Ethiopia and she began her carrier as a teacher in Ethiopia.Notably, with basic health educations, Tigabu started a company that she intent to educate the parents have children.

She needs this programme because almost 300.000 children die from many illnesses such as malaria, pneumonia, measles and malnutritions every year. 

 In addition, Whiz Kids Workshop aims to touch people by using the transportation power of televisionradio and printed media and is working on social issues such as child education, healthy living and gender equality.

Each week they have access to 5 million television viewers and 10 million radio listeners.


Sasha Chanoff ve Amy Slaughter


African family

Meet with they are from the 2018 social entrepreneurs of the year. RefugePoint is a company created by these successful entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, The refuge problem is one of the most problems in Africa content.However, RefugePoint aim to help this people. as a result, we think they are goodness angels. 

They seeks to find a lasting solution by offering them the possibility of living more prosperity.

 RefugePoingworking with the United Nations’ High Delegation of Refuges in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, has now offered permanent resettlement to 54,000 refuges and is working to help more refuges for a bit time.


Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn's entrepreneurship

Mike Quinn, who is from Zoona in Zambia, is another goodness entrepreneur. He created Zoona that is a network of technologies and networks to reach financial services. Founded in 2009, the company reached almost 2.5 million consumers and 3500 representatives in three countries.



Zack Rosenburg

Zack Rosenberg is building a house for disastrous family


He is a young entrepreneur from the United States. If any disaster is in any placeTheir team works to shorten the process of return to normal life and everyday work of affected people. Also, We think it is very attractive attemption. They also build a house on an average of 60 days for the people.



Tulin Akin

Tülin Sahin was awarded by entrepreneurs


Tulis Akin is from Turkey. Tabit was founded by her. This company is an innovation that aims to enable farmers to have access to qualified information. To increase their efficiency and their profitable and natural products began to work. Especially, this company has been working for people in rural areas.



David Yeung

Green Monday's logo


Another successful entrepreneur David Yeung created the Green Monday. 

This company is interested in global climate change, global food problem and public health. It also offers vegetarian options to workers in anywhere, schools, catering companies and restaurant chains. This start-up tries to change food habits weekly. 


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