Top 6 Stock Market Books Should Be Read

there are best stock market books.


Stock market books are a secret. Many notes is kept in the papers that are precious. Therefore, there are great stock market books we should read. Being an investor in Capital Markets is very different according to other investment areas.

It is a difficult area where new information is learned every day and investors need to keep themselves up to date. The world of investment in the Capital Markets is full of many different financial instruments and hundreds of different product options. However, choosing to invest in which product is difficult in changing market conditions.


You can also read best business books.

The Best Business Books of All Time


In addition to selecting the investment product, it is also necessary to know the detailed information about the product, the market characteristics of the product, the full details of the market conditions, and stock market books.

Individuals can develop themselves with many different methods now. It is now possible to access all kinds of topics with an unlimited source of information. For example; online tutorials, stock market books, YouTube videos, Google, and remote access through the development of technology as well as classic one-to-one trainings.

But there are still some classic methods. Especially, we want to share with you the important books that the world of investment can never give up.

These books that every investor who has stepped into the world of investment must read and shed light on your financial world and change your perspective.

If you are just too new in the financial markets, you can start reading the excellent stock market books that are preparing you for the magical world of this market. Be sure you will feel free in business world.


Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


Written by Edvin Lefebvre in 1923, this book is from the chose by Forbes magazine. Also it does not resemble those in its class with its ironic language in investment-finance subjects. It is a book that must be read by every broker, stock market enthusiast and stockbroker who is still written in the past but is still valid.


-Worth Magazine

“The most fun book ever written about investment.”

– The Seattle Times

“It’s the best book I’ve ever read.

I have. ”

– Martin Zweig

“This is the first time I read this book twenty years ago. It is my best one of the books. ”


Market Wizards


How do the world’s most successful traders earn millions of dollars in just a few hours or even a few hours? Are they the few lucky that this invaluable miracle makes a magical fortune by having a magician? What are the secrets of this unprecedented success?

The book, written by its author, Jack D. Schwager, has taken its place among the classics of the world of finance and investment.

He wrote the book in 1998. Besides, the author of the book that interviewed traders who traded in many different markets. For examples; stock markets, futures markets, foreign exchange market and commodity markets. It has shed light on future generations with the successes of traders as well as their collapses.


Warren Buffett Style


Warren Buffet is still alive and one of the richest people in the world. Also business world shown him as the greatest investor of all time.

In particular, Robert G. Hagstrom Buffet, who deals with stock investments and writes the story of the formation of a billion dollars of wealth, offers his style philosophy to investors.


Currency Wars


The book elaborated very well on the main reasons for the pricing of exchange rate movements, especially by investors in the foreign exchange markets.

It will enable you to understand the political, political and economic aspects of the manipulations made with the Money Values ​​thanks to the economic disputes between the countries.




Barton Biggs, the author of the book, has collected his memoirs of Morgan Stanley, one of Wall Street’s largest investment banks, for 30 years. Also this book was selected by many authors as precious stock market books.

In this book, where he shares many of his experiences in money markets, he analyzed many characters. So many of Wall Street’s characters with an incredible ability to observe and presented them to investors.

You will enjoy the real experience stories in the world of investment.




Stock is from another stock market books.

Jim is a great boy from the working class who can read stock market charts. Her weird skills have taken her from commercial to commercial stardom.

Max Davas earns billions from the American treasury using more software power than NASA. However, the modeling tells him something would go wrong, leading to disaster.

The trading system that makes him one of the strongest people in the world, tells him that within a year, gold, oil, Microsoft will be worthless and the dollar will not even be in circulation.

Euro, pound, yen, sugar, wheat, coffee … All will fall to zero. But are the predictions of destiny? Or is this East London boy holding the key of the Stock Market?


“It’s more shocking than pepper spray.”

-Sally Nicoll-, Bets and the City: Author of Sally Nicoll’s Spread Betting Diary


“For a novel, he’s very striking … Chambers really knows what’s inside him.”

-Sharon Wheeler-,


“It’s a timely novel about destructive market operations and economic collapse.”

-Evening Standard-


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