10 Great Tips for Staying Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and younger

and younger

Staying healthy is everyone’s dream that looking beautiful and perfect. In addition, to live healthier life… While it is impossible to stop aging, you may be able to apply tips for staying healthy with the right foods. Therefore we edited top 10 tips for staying healthy for you.

Stay young and fit with a few small lifestyle changes. Memorial Wellness Professionals in Healthy Nutrition Department made healthy nutrition advice to stay young and fit.

Aging is an inevitable process for the whole body from organs to skin. Nutrition for young and fit is an important factor. In addition to nutrition, there are other factors to be considered when managing this process.


Here are 10 health tips to stay healthy


To addict to smart phones is harmful to keep healthy


Get rid of smart phones is from one the most important tips for staying healthy. Also many author say using smart phones, tables and pc can be a mental destroy for people. Studies have shown that diabetes and cardiovascular diseases increase in people using tablets, televisions and telephones for a long time.

This also increases the mortality rate. In addition, the blue light emitted by these devices disrupts the natural rhythm of the body and makes the resting range of the body, which takes place at night, difficult.

Therefore It is recommended that you take a 10-minute break after each hour of using devices such as phones, tablets and computers.


Skipping the meals


There are many fruits and its is good for staying healtier

Unlike what is known, fasting does not cause you to lose weight. This is from important tips for staying healthy. On the contrary, you will then have a much greater desire to eat food that you avoid eating, which will cause you to eat more.

In addition, hunger invites diabetics. Diabetes is usually diagnosed between 40-64 years of age. For all these reasons, you should not skip any meals and only take care of healthy eating.


Regular sleep is essential to stay healthy


a woman in sleeping to keep healthy.


We need to let your immune system rest. Because regular sleep is very important to reduce stress and reduce physical fatigue.

Preparing for the next day and starting right is one of the most fundamental processes for the removal of unnecessary information and concerns and many return processes.

At the same time, regular sleep boosts skin health and radiance by supporting the bioritmic operation of skin cells.


The first rule for is personal hygiene


a person is washing his hands for personal hygiene.


Personal hygiene is the most important rule for healthy living. Because cleaning prevents the transmission of many disease germs.

Considering that the skin surrounding the body forms the first barrier for microbes from the external environment; very much attention should be paid to hygiene rules for hand, foot, hair, mouth and dental health.

Hands should be washed frequently and using soaps. Oral and dental health should be given importance at any age.


Learn to deal with stress


a photo is about stress


Stress is a completely problem that is harmful for human’s mental and medical health. Because stress hormones damage the immune system and brain. Deal with stress is from important tips for staying healthy.

You can support your immune system by dealing with stress through yoga, listening to music, walking, regular laughing and massage.

Good social relations, being with one’s loved ones, embracing; Reduces stress and tension. With the embrace, the person beats the fear of loneliness and feels loved. Being happy is also important in dealing with stress.


Don’t keep your water away from yourself for healthy living


this picture is about benefits of water


In addition to external toxins, metabolic wastes accumulate in our bodies due to vital processes carried out every day.

The first phase of purification from these wastes is the sufficient water / liquid consumption. Thus, waste will be more easily discharged from the body.

The amount of fluid that an adult should consume daily in normal weight ranges between 2 and 3 litres


Doing sport is another important tips to stay healthy


a woman is running to stay healthy


Firstly, we edited for you great fitness workout. You can reach its from here;

Intermediate Level Fitness Program

Starter Level Workout Program

If your body is ready for sports, You are ready to do exercise. The activities to operate the legs, abdomen, arm, chest and waist muscles are very important.

You will be fit and better, also you will be more healthier than your old. If you can do sports at least three times a week, at least 20 minutes, if you spend less time on the sport should be at least 45 minutes. Sport is also very important to make in balanced and orderly ways. Because

We need to remember that our muscles need to rest. Besides, yoga and meditation are very beneficial for heart health. The level of nitric oxide in the body increases in meditation..

This substance is very important for vascular health. Nitric oxide is a molecule that is naturally produced in the body.

It helps to expand veins, decrease blood pressure, and prevent diabetes and cancer. Also It is mostly found in the nose. When breathing deeply in yoga and meditation, this substance falls into the lungs.

Sport is also a source of happiness because it provides for the active rest of the person and is something that he does for himself.


Stay away from the sun


there is a sun that is harmful for human skin.


Sun is from another important tips for staying healthy because this natural miracle is the source of vitamin D. It can be hear as good thing. However, the sun and rays that cause aging and aging should be tried.

Especially the sun rays that we take vitamin D are between 11.00 and 13.00 noon… The benefit of the sun at this time-damage should be well evaluated.

Vitamin D is also an antioxidant, it supports the immune system, daily oral intake is recommended. Stay away from the sun because it is the best movement for you.


How to stay healthy staying away from alcohol and tobacco


There are a lot of alcohol to prevent yourself to keep more healthy.


People who search that tips for staying healthy on web, can see that drinking alcohol is so harmful for health. Also smoking should not be smoked. if it is necessary for you, help should be taken. In the researches, it was determined that even nicotine in the clothes of the parents defending the children did not drink.

Cigarette; diseases of the heart and circulatory system, diseases of the respiratory system and can cause cancer (lung, oesophagus, oral, nasal-throat, larynx, pancreas, kidney, leukaemia).

If you are smoking, you can start by giving yourself a smoking date and you can start by telling people around you. Decreasing alcohol is the most damaging. Harmful effects occur when a small amount is exceeded.


Consume much salt


there is a salt


There are enough sodium in Bread, processed meats, soups, cheese types, sauces and another foods. Therefore consuming much salt is harmful for your health. Sodium we take from the foods that we consume as daily, except for the sodium we need to take only  1 teaspoon of sodium. keep away from much salt it is from last tips for staying healthy.

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