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Starter Level Workout Program

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Starter Level for Beginner

workout programs… You can always find it in many websites and blogs.However, it is important that you need to find the best one.

The first starter level workout program lasts 4 weeks and is designed to train for 3 days every week. We have prepared a list of the points that you should pay attention to when implementing this program for you.

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We edited great beginner fitness program for you


Starter level workout program for beginners (1st month)

  • It is important you should be controlled by a doctor before you start your fitness program and perfect life
  • Starter level workout program is not hard because we will start as new. We will update the workout programs according to 2nd and 3nd months.
  • Program is formed from 3 days and everyday you will workout your different part.
  • We don’t support to workout everyday. As a result, our muscles are in need of rest and regular sleep. That’s why as a starting we will work out 3 days in a week. İt will be very good for your body muscles
  • Don’t forget ; if you have a big passion you must stay away from smart phones because it is a big program in gym. We must wait 45 or 60 between set.


Nutrition Tips


-Before sports, eat plenty of carbohydrate foods such as bananas, peanut butter and fruit that will increase your energy level.

-After the sport again carbohydrate and protein will be required. Bananas, rice, chicken grill and vegetable dishes are our suggestions.

-Stay from sweet but you can consume a plenty of fruits instead of sweet.

-In our movements in the first few months, we start with mechanistic movements that will allow you to make your movements properly, and as time has elapsed, we have added movements made with programmed free weights because it will be balanced you when you do the movement.

-Do not forget that fitness is a race that is done not by others but by yourself. Begin with the most comfortable as you lift as much as possible. Don’t try heavyweight. It depends on everyone. Especially in thefirst month it is more important to learn the movements correctly than to do more weight loss.

As you go through weeks, you will see that you are heavier. Please do not compete in this area with anyone in the gym, justfocus on the pounds you have raised yourself. Start with light weights from the beginning and focus on making the move correctly.

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We will explain which nitration is suitable for you in our next article.




 Here are Schedules for starter level workout program


1. day of starter level workout program

2. day of starter level workout program

3. day of starter level workout program























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