Personal Hygiene – Most Mistakes in Personal Hygiene

there is a man is washing his hands for personal hygiene


What is personal hygiene?

personal hygiene

Purpose of personal hygiene is to protect the body from bacteria and virus. Because this bacteria and virus can help to make you sick easily. However, if you protect yourself, the harmful bacteria and virus cannot reach you so you can’t be ill.

If you give a lot importance of your personal hygiene and if you are careful, it can be simpler to prevent yourself from this harmful things. Everything that bacteria need to live is in our body. For this reason, bacteria love people.

A harmful bacterium that penetrates into our bodies will multiply rapidly. Therefore if you are not health and strong enough, unfortunately the bacteria will win this war.

Also you may consider yourself to be very meticulous and clean. However, some personal hygiene habits that have been taught to you since you were born may not be very accurate.



Most Mistakes in Personal Hygiene


Cleaning your ear with ear cleaning sticks

If you think you’re doing something right by cleaning your ears with ear swabs, you’re wrong.

Putting these tiny sticks into the ear does not clean the ear, but rather you pushes the dirt things

Using the Same Toothbrush  Long Time

Dr. Oral and dental health expert Gary Glassman says the toothbrushes need to be change in every three months. In addition, after each infectious disease you have to change your toothbrush.



Shower with hot water

Hot water that opens the pores in your skin cause to dry your skin. Dermatology Specialist Schultz says it is healthier to take a warm shower than to shower with hot water.


Do Not Shower After Workout

According to Dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, your sweaty underwear, clothes carry bacteria. Therefore you need to shower after workout for personal hygiene.



There are many bacteria in;

– The small wound in our skin, cuts and cracks,

– Hair and clothes,

– Nasal and oral secretions

– Our dirty hands.


There are many personal


What are the ?

In our personal hygiene, cleaning of our hands is very important. Because hands, our daily life in our connection with all kinds of connections, throughout the day constantly contaminated and therefore can contain large amounts of bacteria.


Why is so important to wash our hands ?

We have millions of germs in our hands. Many of these microbes are harmless. However, some of them may cause you to have a cold, flu or diarrhea if you do not wash your hands. It effects our personal hygiene.

Some bacteria adhere well to the pores, scratches, cracks and hairs in our hands. Also, this monsters find a suitable environment for rapid proliferation by mixing with dust and dirt.

a person is washing his hands for personal hygiene.

When we are coughing, sneezing your nose, germs are in your hands. The germs transmitted to your hands go to your mouth with the food and drinks you touch.

It make you sick. Through these things you touch, these microbes spread around you.

Particularly, if you don’t wash your hands after toilet, it can cause more health problems. Microbes cause jaundice, typhoid fever, dysentery, bristle worm disease and many other illness.


When we need to wash our hands?

İf it is possible you need usually to wash your hands. It is important rule for personal hygiene.


When should we wash our hands?

Before preparing food / food,

Before preparing the dinner table,

Before eating,

Before loving small babies,

We must wash our hands before brushing our teeth.

On the way home,

After using the toilet,

After the game,

After handling raw food,

After wiping our nose,

After coughing and sneezing,

After shaking hands with a sick friend

After handling animals

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