10 Reason why the Longest Living Humans are Japanese People

two japanese people is standing up

Japanese People are the longest living people

İt is not a secret to live more of Japanese people then other people therefore People of other nations always envy Japanese people. This subject has been surveyed by authors for a long time.

There is not a certain result but many research is clue why Japanese people live long.


To consume many beneficial vegetables

Normally many people from different countries like to consume sugary, fatty, highly calories things things but it is not for this people. Especially rice is traditional food of this healthy people. As other traditional foods are fish and vegetables therefore they don’t need to consume vitamin and mineral.


Different cooking methods

Unhealthy methods like Fatty fries is not usual for japanese people. They prepare a good quality meal by preparing fibre-based pulses with healthy methods such as scalding and adding them to fish and vegetables.


Japanese people consume healthy tea

When we want to drink something we usually think to drink coffee or alcohol. Especially coffee has a reputation in worldwide. However, in culture of this people tea has a major place.


More little portion

Portion control Is so important in Japanese culinary culture then other culinary culture. İn addition they have strict etiquette rules in their culture. One of this rules is to use carefully sticks. To consume the rice from small scoop. They usually don’t eat so much. Also, they serve meals on different plates. They don’t to fill the plate completely and not to use large portions.


Japanese people stay in stand more and they walk a little more

An automobile is seen as a luxury thing in Japan. Daily routine is done in this way.

Wake up
Have little breakfast
Walk to train station
Wait standing up in the station
To start their works

Public transport has become a norm in Japan. Almost everyone uses bicycles and trains. Most of the employees are doing their jobs.


They do sport every morning with a radio

Japanese people do sport and they want to be fresh and clear for all day. Also, the most of people join this daily routine with their special trainers. It is seen as unfact thing but it is true.

Yoga is a miracle meditation and it is a basic habits of japanese people

Asana in Yoga Meditation and Miracle Features

Health services are cheaper than other countries

There is no need to overdo it in this regard. The Japanese are receiving cheaper health care services than most of the other countries and they go to the hospital every month for check-ups, which are rarely in our lives and should be done regularly.


Japanese people usually spend their time in outside

Japanese people like to live in outside. They almost walk all day therefore their body work like an machine. This people usually don’t invite their friend to own house. They usually contact in outside. This situation protect them from depression. This can be help their long life because to be social is a major effect on their emotions.


They care so much about cleanliness

This people is obsessive to cleanliness in real means. They have a tradition that is Shintoism. İn this tradition the most important part is cleanliness and pureness.

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