4 Lessons to Younger Entrepreneurs from Peter Thiel CEO of PayPal

Peter Thiel ceo of paypal gives advice to entrepreneurs

4 Lessons to Younger Entrepreneurs from

Peter Thiel who is the one of the founder of PayPal Company have shared 4 important technique for young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that have a big dreams and ideas cannot evaluate their information’s due to experience failures. This stayed back. Thiel is a person who Author and one of the investor of the Facebook is sharing his secret information recently.


Don’t be hurry

Peter Thiel say that the biggest mistake done by entrepreneurs is to be hurry. To start your way with hurriedly way will down you on a sudden therefore to start your start-up in unplanned way is the biggest mistake done by entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, our daily routine we do hurriedly even about our life subjects. In fact, almost all people do it with this way around the world. However, punctual decisions can cause to regret for the rest of our life.


Don’t be hurry for progress. Entrepreneurs can start your future making a work schedule. Divide your work progressively in this business plan. Afterward, you can complete one phrase every week or month. Bu doing with this way you can try to achieve an achievement that will achieve more than lasting success.


Flexible Sensitive Approach


Peter Thiel say everyone’s demands is changing nowadays. Consumers and companies too. Flexible structure is necessary for change. A start-up you will create must be in different expectation and flexible structure.

Constant and strict structure always will harm your start-up because noting stay stable in the World. However, if you adopt flexible struck will help your start-up gradually and we think you will feel the different between flexible and strict structure. With this way your developing will be quick.


Focus the competition


Competition is the most important content of all sectors. Competition is everything for entrepreneurs. However, to analyse your competitors is more important because your competitors will watch you and they will step according to your movement.

Specify an area to customize yourself. You know your opponents in this area. Configure your processes to complete. Support your plans with advertising campaigns and business strategies. So you can make progress in your enterprise soon.


Sales is important but products are more important

Peter Thiel think companies want to make sales. Always focus on developing the best and most robust product. Enhance customer satisfaction and encourage people to choose your products.

you can set this as your policy. If you focus on product development and marketing instead of just trying to make a sale, you will also gain a competitive edge. Peter Thiel’s four important experiences will benefit all entrepreneurs at one point in their business process. Instead of trying to venture unplanned, sit down, do your plan, and then move on. With this way we sure you will see the difference on your success.











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