13 simple and effective ways to keep your skin fresh

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Our may not always look perfect. Because environmental conditions are constantly open.giphy - 13 simple and effective ways to keep your skin fresh

So it wears out quickly, roughened, stains and ages.Also, wrinkles, which are a problem for everyone right after a certain age, will come out of sight with very convenient and very practical formulas.


Who does not want to have a brighter, livelier, smooth and tense face? What do you want to try by choosing the type of mask that is right for you? All the masks were tried and positive results were obtained.


There are 13 simple and effective ways to

Vitamin E protects and moisturizes skin from these harmful agents.


General face cleaning masks used by those who have a peeling effect, removing the dead cells in this way, provides deep cleaning.


Wash your face with water. This way the shower will reduce your skin stress caused by the offices.


Now that we have found in care products such as vitamin C, blood circulation and collagen production is moving, prefer this type of products.


Your feet send your fingertips, your face signal. Press firmly at regular intervals to the top of your toes to prevent wrinkles on your forehead.


Moisten your face. Many new moisturizers are active throughout the day.


Proteins and plant-based ones activate the skin and provide a protective layer on it.


Massage your face twice a week for 5 minutes. For this, use your fingers to massage the cheek from the cheek to the cheek, out from the center of the forehead, from the sides of the nose to the middle of the forehead. Rub around the mouth, moving upwards.


Do not neglect to sleep in beauty sleep before 1 o’clock in the morning. Our body produces growth hormones especially from the first sleeping hours towards the midnight. These hormones stimulate cell renewal.


Do you know the benefits of enzymes in creams? The tiny protein molecules produced by mimicking the biotechnological methods activate the circulatory system in the skin of the people in the advanced age and strengthen the skin protecting cells.


Scent compresses senses. Place four drops of lemon and cypress tree essence and two drops of juniper oil in two liters of boiling water. Dip your special face towel into this mixture and cover your face.


Creams containing vitamin E reduce the tension of the cells.


Ultraviolet rays, exhaust gases, aggressive free radicals generated by nicotine cause premature aging of the face. Vitamin E protects and moisturizes skin from these harmful agents.



source : www.kadinvekadin.net/cildi-taze-tutmanin-yollari.html

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