Intermediate Level Fitness Program

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Intermediate Program (2-3 months) 

We wrote an effective intermediate fitness program(For 2-3. Month) and also you may be remember that we have prepared for starter level fitness program (for 1 month).

In the first month we introduced you to the fitness activities. If you have applied the previous program disciplined, you are ready for the intermediate level program. We are gradually increasing the level of program and movements in the 2nd and 3rd months.

Firstly you need to look starter level fitness program for beginners. for 1. month

Starter level workout program

Yes lovers… We can change our intermediate fitness program but you need to apply 1. Month if you don’t apply it. Because it will be hard.Besides,we will see the change after we finished the 2.3 months. When you stay the front of the mirror, you will absolutely feel it bıt building sport is not easy habit.

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You should follow these rules;

-After you start weight and fitness work, be very careful about your rest, sleep and feeding.

-Start your workout about 2-3 hours after you eat meal. We don’t suggest to do sport while you are full.

-Don’t forget the warm-up before training. Because if you start your workout without warm-up possibility of injury increases too much. it is important in intermediate fitness program.

-Don’t be hasty. İn building sport patience is one of most important rules. So don’t expect immediate result. Therefore continue to build yourself without give up.

-select a idol for yourself. it will give you spiritually energy.

-Learn from your mistakes and don’t hesitate to get support from profs.

-İt is important. Keep tracks of your progress and take your measurements at certain periodic times.

-Don’t give long breaks. If you give up the building for long time, your muscle will go gradually to back

- is like a chain ring. If one does not break the ring and your efforts may be wasted.

-Free weights are very important for good symmetry Therefore you always get free weights instead of machines.


This rules is important therefore you don’t explain the intermediate fitness program.


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İf you ready, we can start to intermediate fitness program.



1. DAYmovementsSET and repeat repeatsSETLER ARASI DİNLENME SÜRESİ
Warm-upPush-up3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ChestBench Press3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ChestIncline Machine Press3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ChestDumbell Pullover3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ChestDumbell Fly3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
TricepsTricep pushdown4 x (10,10,10,10)45 sn
TricepsOverhead Dumbell Extention3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
TricepsBench Dips3 x (12,10,8)45 sn

Yes… it was so hard but believe us it will be worth it… This was your first day in your new intermediate fitness program.

2.Day workout program

2. DAYmovementsSET numbers and repeatsSETLER ARASI DİNLENME SÜRESİ
Warm-upRunningTime:10 min Speed:645 sn
BackSeated Cable Lat Pulldown3 x (10,10,1045 sn
BackReverse Grip Pulldown3 x (10,10,1045 sn
BackSeated Cable Row3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
BackDumbell Row3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
BicepsDumbell Curl3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
BicepsHummer Curl3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
BicepsConcentration Curl3 x (10,10,10)45 sn


3. Day workout program

3. DAYmovementsSET number and set repeatsSETLER ARARI DİNLENME SÜRESİ
Warm-upRunningTime:10 min Speed:645 sn
ShoulderDumbell Shoulder Press3 x (12,10,10)45 sn
ShoulderDumbell Front Raise3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ShoulderDumbell Side Lateral Raise3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
ShoulderBarbell Upright-row3 x (10,10,10)45 sn


4. Day workout program

4. DAY  Movementsset number and repeatsSETLER ARARI DİNLENME SÜRESİ
Warm-upRunningTime:10 min Speed:645 sn
LegLeg Press4 x (10,10,10,10)45 sn
LegLeg Extention3 x (12,10,10)45 sn
LegLeg Curl3 x (12,10,10)45 sn
LegBarbell Calf Raises3 x (10,10,10)45 sn
AbsReverse Crunch4 x (15,15,15,15)Dinlenme yok
AbsToe Touches4 x (15,15,15,15)Dinlenme yok
AbsPlankUnlimitedDinlenme yok


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