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inspirational won the competition. Life is an entirely competition. For example; monetary, emotional, domestic, business or other issues. Besides, there is an exam must be passed by people about this issues Therefore We need to beat its.

Unfortunately many people that failed from the exam. Because their friends and other humans say to this people ‘’you can’t do it.’’ However, there are also inspirational successful people. They are inspirational successful people because they don’t give up although negative people say negative sentences as simple variation ‘’ you can’t do it’’. Difference is…

Inspirational successful people make a difference. They come forward and write their own life stories. They are persons being successful despite all bad things.


Inspirational Successful 7 People and Their Life-story


Computer woman of NASA Katherine Johnson


Katharine Johnson’s admiration for numbers began when she was 10 years old. She was counting everything she saw. When her father noticed the potential in his daughter, he sent her to the West Virginia Institute.

When she was fourteen, she graduated from high school. Besides, When she was eighteen she graduated from university and In 1953, NACA, the National Aviation Advisory Board, was active in the United States before NASA.there is a woman that her name is katherine.

The women who were hired to measure and calculate the results of wind tunnel tests in NACA served as the current computer. Johnson calculated the trajectory of Alan Shepard’s space shuttle, the first US astronaut into space, as a computer.

She was the only woman of the mission and she was black. Therefore she’d been miles off to go to the restroom. His ideas were ignored but he never gave up.

In 1962, John Glenn, the astronaut who was to be on duty under the name of “Friendship 7,” asked Johnson to recalculate the orbital calculations by new electronic computers. His calculations played an important role in the success of the Apollo Space Ship’s Moon landing program in the first steps of the US in space travel.


James Dyson who defies manufacturers

there is a man called james dyson is inspiritual succesful personWhen James Dyson worked for the Royal College of Art, he developed a few tools. It is a boat called Seatruck, a grass-and-grass lawn mower. He then designed a boat that was able to move both on land and in water at a speed of 64 kilometres per hour.

A large part of them formed 5,127 prototypes supported by his wife’s teacher salary. However, as Dyson wanted to launch the product, no manufacturer wanted to use the product in the UK.Because it would spoil the dust bag market. However, Dyson didn’t give up and released his product through sales from the catalogue in Japan.

After its invention was rejected by major manufacturers, Dyson founded its own production company it is Dyson Ltd. In June 1993 and he opened a research center and factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.


Zane Gray rejected by Hitchcock

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Zane Gray, who started his career as a dentist realized that he didn’t like his profession in time. Therefore he began to write.

His writings like Riders of the Purple Sage were rejected many times by authors. His masterpiece Riders of the Purple Sage was rejected by Hitchcock.

Gray disregarded Hitchcock. Afterward, he wrote Harper’s vice president.

Accepted Riders of the Purple Sage was his best-selling book. Also the book was also adapted to the film with the same name. We is an example from inspirational successful people.



The girl who beats the life; Phiona Mutesi

Phiona Mutesi, who lives in the suburbs of Uganda’s capital, Katwe, lost his father when he was 3 years old. His life, which was already difficult, became even more difficult. After a while, he lost his sister.

When he was 9, he lived on the street with his family. One day, he saw the boys gathered in the church and drew the attention of the play they played by moving the stones. Moreover, the children were taking a bowl of porridge after the game.

There is a woman called as phino mutesi. She is another important succesful person

He realized how talented he was in chess, where he started to play for porridge. The school boys didn’t want to play with him when his mentor took him to a tournament. Because of where he came from, he was insulted for not getting a good education.

No one believed that he would succeed, but he managed to win all the matches and return home with a prize for money. In 2007 she became the champion of her country’s young women championship.

She retained this title for three years. In 2009 she became the champion of Africa at a 16 countries tournament. In 2010, he represented his country in the 39th Chess Olympics in Russia.


He can’t play a lot, he has a bad voice, he has a little dance ability yap: Fred Astaire

a photo is about fred astare

Fred Astaire is from other inspirational successful people. The dancer, choreographer, singer and actress Fred Astaire introduced with the world of show and entertainment when he was five years old.

He was denied the first MGM audition. The jury said, ”He cannot play a lot, his voice is bad, he has a little talent for dancing. However, Fred Astaire has won numerous awards, including multiple Emmy and Golden Globes.

The artist, who appeared on many shows, is considered one of the greatest and colorful dancers of the history of dance.



The desire to bring Italian cuisine to the 21st century; Massimo Bottura


a photo about massimo bottura

Massimo Bottura is a world-wide chef of the restaurant Osteria Francescana. We took the list this man because we think he is from important inspirational successful people. He opened a restaurant and this restaurant ranked 4rd in the World’s Top 50 list restaurant. Bottura started working for culinary when he was very young although he studies law in the university.

He went to Italy from Italy to do his job better and he returned to Modena. Later he opened his Osteria Francescana restaurant. However, everything firstly was so hard  for he because no one supported him.

In one of the important journals, Massimo was very ambitious and he wanted to be original in every way, but the food was very soulless and the certainty did not belong to Italian cuisine.

The fate of the restaurant, which remained empty for almost 6 years, changed with the visit of another important critic to the restaurant. After a very positive review, the fame of Osteria Francescana and Massimo Bottura grew rapidly.


An inventor who never gives up; Joy Mangano

a photo about joy mangono

Joy Mangono was working in a restaurant as a waitress to look for her children. She had developed ideas that would make her life easier.

She noticed it’s while she was cooking and cleaning her house. One of them, called Miracle Mop is a seamless strap made from 90 meters of cotton yarn.

You can tighten without using your hands thanks to the mechanism. Besides, she tried to sell from her miracle mop idea. However, people say it was unnecessary but Joy believed that she would make the lives of women easier. Therefore she believed it and didn’t give up. She was one of most inspirational successful people.

In the end, she took a risk and moved on to a TV program selling household appliances. The first attempt was failed, but when the product itself was promoted, everything changed.

Now he is a successful inventor and businesswoman with more than 100 instruments patents. Jennifer Lawrance’ın played a life in her portrayal of a film called Joy.


source : Listelist


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