The Most 10 Iconic Alcohol Brands

there are many iconic alcohol brands

and history


There are many alcohol brands. However, some of them is iconic. We think you hear this . The oldest and most sourced chemical substance is alcohol. Also, İt is first thought to be a coincidence by prehistoric humans, by the ingestion of naturally formed fruits and vegetables through fermentation. At that time, people were able to ferment the arpans, then drink it with hot water.

Like beer, the wine based on ancient times and If the first distillation of pure alcohol is done, it ran into 1100 years.

During this period the Italians learned to obtain pure drink by distilling wine or beer into boiling water to a certain temperature and distilling the alcohol. Thus in this way consumption of alcohol has continued as widely as every day.

Top 10 iconic alcohol brands


 10- ) Absolut Vodka


Absolut Vodka has been produced in Åhus that city of Sweden since 1987. Also, one the most important alcohol brands absolut bodka is main alcohol brand in many countries Like Russia.

In that time Absolut vodka started to grow affectively. With unique Bootle and a beautifully designed writing this alcohol leaved a deep impression.


 9- ) Hennessy


From another important alcohol brands Hennessy. This essential night club alcohol Hennessy was founded by a iris person. It made a reputation with fluent effect. More than %40 of cognacs sold in the world was Hennessy.

 8- ) Tanqueray


With sexy and green bottle this London gin appeared first time in England. This type of alcohol is even the subject of music ‘’ Snoop Dogg (Gin and Juice) ‘’


 7- ) Jose Cuervo


This tequila was taken from Tequila, a town in Jalisco, Mexico. It has an average alcohol content of 38-40%. However, the alcohol content of singles on the market may vary between 31% and 55%.

From iconic alcohol brands Jose Cuervo is effective.However, if you are drinking the tequila, you will never get enough of one shot.


6- ) Chivas Regal


In 1801, Chivas brothers started to product whiskey in Scotland.

Thing that makes the drink beautiful was blended whiskey of aging process. This drink was preferred by many alcohol authorities. This product can feel everyone intellectual.

5- ) Captain Morgan


This brand has the best price/performance ratio in World. With Affordable price and Porto Riko rom was introduced in the second world war. It’s icon is a pirate that put his leg on barrel.


4- ) Jack Daniels


This whiskey is the best-selling alcohol in the world. In 1904 world alcohol platform selected Jack Daniels as the best alcoholic drink in the world. After this time Jack Daniels started to make reputation


3- ) Baccardi


Bacardi is a kind of rum and it can be drunk as dry . When it is mixed easily, it is called cuba libra. you can also drink with soda. if you want to drink with the helping aroma you need to put 4 cl bacard into the bacardi cup and add the drink you want on it.


2- )  Smirnoff


Smirnoff red is a good quality vodka type. It was produced in 1890 by Smirnov, a Russian townsman, by Piot Arsenyevitch, and in 1934 was a vodka brand with america. red, black, ice, blue, silver ….


1- )From Iconic Alcohol Brands John Walker is number one


John Walker is from the most iconic alcohol brands. Even people who do not drink whiskey or even alcohol do know Johnnie Walker and his iconic walking man logos.

By the end of the 19th century, thanks to Alexander Walker’s amazing vision, the region that he has not yet known is unknown, and the world’s whiskey, Johnnie Walker, turns into an drink giant selling 18 million cases of whiskeys in the year.

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the best-selling standard whiskey, while Johnnie Walker Black Label is the best-selling deluxe whiskey in the statistics.


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