How to make attractive hair care with 3 natural methods?

Attractive Hair Care

How to make attractive with 3 natural methods?

is the most important beauty method of women therefore of women should always look well kept, sprightly, and intense. Unbroken, unblemished, and healthy is what women’s want mostly. However, you need to follow certain rules if you want to have attractive and healthy .

You may be using care products that buy from beauty centers. If you want to use alternative and natural products about hair care you can absolutely make this natural methods at home too. So you may not want to use hair creams hair care products because the hair dyes contain many chemical content.

İn this article we will give you effective methods for hair care as well as natural masks.


Women’s hair grows 2-3 cm in a months but if you want to grow your hair more İt is possible.  Nothing in nature is harmful to you and our valuable hair. Broken hair in summer with sun and this beauty cluster affected from winter’s cold need to usual care. Especially, a woman has a long hair must be careful while she does it’s care.

You need to natural care products. But everyone hasn’t financially power. However, you can have healthy, strong, unbroken, attractive hair with effective low-cost care methods. Before we give car tricks about attractive, strong, healthy and unbroken hair.

There are unfortunately wrong information quite common among the ladies. It is washed hair as daily. Washed hair daily is absolutely harmful for strong, healthy, unbroken, attractive and marvellous. As a result, 1 cm of hair will grow as a broken every month.


3 Attractive hair mask methods for care


You need to apply carefully this method one day in a week. Before don’t apply this method you can wash your hair. To be clean this is more effective in this method.


Lavender hair mask


Lavender mask, which is quite natural to prevent hair texture, clay and to do effective care is done only with water and lavender. Put 50 cc 4 cups of boiled water in a jam or bottle. Add a 50 gr. Lavender. Wait the infusion. Afterward, you start to wash your hair with this lavender water. You need to wait about 30 min. and you can rinse your hair.


Honey hair mask


We know honey is a medical mystery for human life. Honey is used for skin recovery, smooth skin and acne too. However, we will talk effect of honey for important hair care. Put 4 cups of water to a bottle. Put 10 gr honey to the bottle and mix it until it melt in bottle.


Olive oil hair mask


Also we know that olive oil has many benefits in terms of nutrition and care for hair. Today there are mostly olive oil in hair care products because it keeps your hair shiny and alive. According to your hair long you can add 10 cc oil. Also add an egg and mix the mask. Apply your mask to your hair. Wash your hair after this mask keep almost 30 minutes. If want to good result more you can wait 1 hour. We will be more beauty hair with this totally natural mask method.



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