How to Do Squat? The Most Impressive 5 Squat Exercises

a woman is doing squat

How to do squat


How to do squat question has been popular recently. Squat is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises.

Especially this impressive exercise is princess of bodybuilding because it is used by women than men. However, be sure any princess can’t hurt you as much as squat.There are 2 woman is doing squat

We believe people who spends time in gyms can accept this idea and know this pain. Besides all these, Legs is the biggest muscle in human body.

Therefore, you can more feel hurtled with leg workout. Especially Quadriceps… We edited a lot of impressive information how to do squat.

It is one of the biggest muscle groups and it means quadriceps has 4 different muscles at the front of the upper leg.

Quadriceps is very effective in the leg and you can build this muscle with squat. Because squat is the best leg work-out because it effects the quadriceps in the best way. So people search how to do squat correctly.

Before you see the article body fat percentage

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Let’s look the benefits of squat.


Squats benefits


Doing squat you can increase your testosterone production and this testosterone proves you more power. (generally bodybuilder start their work-out with Squat)


-Squat is extremely important for shaping leg and calf muscles.

-Squat proves a perfectly aesthetic appearance.

-This miracle work-out also prevents sagging.

-Squat is important for strengthening the waist.



How to properly squat


Stand position is so important while you are doing squat. You need to provide yourself to balanced position because with this way muscles and posture will effected more.

The most important point (we advise read this place well) is that the distance to the knees must be at your fingertips. In addition, the feet should not be more than the width of the body.

If the body does not open in width, body weight causes pressure on the sides of the athlete. This prevents the necessary efficiency from the movement. The most appropriate is that the feet are as wide as the shoulder width. there is a barbell

When performing squat movements, instead of standing upright, you need to tilt forward the upper part of the body and the head. This tilt should be at the level of the feet but should not be bent further.

One of the mistakes that the athlete fell most is the idea of making muscles in a short time. However, muscle formation is a condition that must occur within certain working periods. You can think to build muscle like long time investing. Also, if you search a lot of information about how to do squat articles, don’t give up the fitness. Because health is everything in your life.

This is also the case for squat movements with weights. In order to obtain leg and abs muscles in a short time starting with more weights, will lead to a series of health problems. If you want to make build muscle you are at the wrong place because this place is for beast bodybuilding lions.

If you don’t know how to do squat don’t worry about it. We will answer more detailed explanation and squat videos and how to do squat correctly question too.


Are you ready for the best ?



Front squat


It is a leg and butt exercise that has very impressive features. Also this exercise will answer effectively how to do squat question.  According to the standard squat exercise is a little bit difficult to do but it is more effective in terms of muscle development.

Experienced athletes are advised to do. Particularly, you need to pay attention during exercise. If you will do this exercise for first time, you should take the squat stand


How to front squat


Take the bar and keep it on your shoulder and Open your feet as far as your shoulder width.

Start easily squatting breathing and do it until your upper leg is parallel to the ground. It should come to the final point in the unified way.

Repeat, complete.

You should not lean towards the front squat walk. You must keep your back upright. A wedge tank that can be used to make your balance more stable and to purchase more front-leg muscles.


. You can watch how to front squat video from youtube.




What is hack squat? What is benefits of hack squat?


Hack squat similar to normal squat and we also mentioned it in how to squat section. Hack squat is a machine exercise.

The machine is set at the optimum angle and doesn’t force your waist down as normal squat exercise. With this exercise the neck and back are fixed and forearm muscles concentrates yourself to maximum position.

The aim of this movement is to make the most accurate form easily and safely to improve the upper.



Get a position in the machine and hold the handle of the machine. Rest your back and head fully against the machine because it is a dangerous exercise.

Warning: Don’t bend your head forward.

Crouch down until your lower leg. After an almost 1 second, breathe and push yourself up.

Be sure to concentrate on your legs. Don’t tap your legs when you reach the last point. A small amount of knees should be broken.

Also you can read how to hack squat with video.


Barbell squat


Keep the barbell and open your arms as parallel as to your shoulders on a rack. Adjust your feets according to your shoulder position. And do it.

watch more information for how to barbell squat


Single-Leg Squat

there is a man doing single-leg squat

In how to do squat section, single-leg squat has a important place. When you search how to squat properly we think you will see this movement.

This exercise is important as much as normal squat.

It is another important exercise made by squatting with one leg. Start the exercise by lifting with one feet and extending our hands forward breathing.

Breathing control is important in this exercise because you can lift more times with regular breath.





How to single-leg squat


What is lunge?


Lunge is a fitness exercise that called as the one of the most impressive squat exercises. It has a very important effect on legs and this exercise is very simple. Also, authors give wide covarate about many how to do squat articles


How to do Lunge?


Take a two dumbbell and hold it at the hip. Take a step largely with left foot and other foot’s knee touches the ground.

Let’s see how to do lunge exercise with video




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