Home Remedies for Cold: 17 Suggestion to Defeat Cold

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Home remedies to defeat the cold invade


Cold is a chronic disorder and you can be ill with the contagious viruses. Many different symptoms such as fever or chills, cough, muscle aches, sore throat headache, nasal congestion, and fatigue are among the symptoms of the common cold. So, how does the cold go?

Don’t worry about it. Many home is effective to defeat it.  What are the natural products that can be used for the common cold that adversely affect daily life? We searched for you most effective home .

Effective harmful viruses; with complaints of nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and even cough. We generally apply antibiotics treatment. It can be  effective in bacterial infections but don’t affect these viruses.

The person is usually constantly sniffing, taking self-medication and waiting for the symptoms to pass. However, there are some measures that can be taken in order to spend the cold more comfortably and not to infect the environment.

The disease can be overcome even more quickly.

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Suggestions to defeat cold


C vitamin


Almost everyone think it comes from consuming foods that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is usually used by people in home remedies for cold. Besides, it is a necessary for fighting with colds.

Vitamin C is also found in citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and fresh beans. When the symptoms of colds begin, you should eat plenty of vitamin C foods.

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Ginger tea


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It is clear that ginger generally is used for cold. It  quickly recover the human body. Prepare ginger tea for yourself and sweeten it with honey.

You can be sure that you will find the answer to the question of how it goes through colds.

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We know Garlic used in home remedies for cold. Because it has a antibacterial property. This miracle plant has many other diseases, as well as the common cold.

Because of this, garlic is useful for natural cold medicines. After thoroughly crushing a garlic, add two teaspoons of lemon juice. Add a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of red pepper and stir. This mixture will help you to overcome the cold.


Chicken broth soup


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Another natural nutrient is chicken broth soup. This miracle application is used in home remedies for cold by women. Because it allows you to sneeze and increase the production of secretions. So when the symptoms of colds begin, prepare your chicken broth soup and enjoy it.


Drink water so much


The common cold viruses quickly reproduce in dry environments without moisture. Therefore, you need to meet your body’s moisture needs by consuming plenty of fluid.

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İmportant suggestions for cold


1- Stress can weaken the immune system. Therefore it make easy to have a cold-flu. Trying to stay away from all kinds of stress can be more important.


2- Think positive can be helpful for cold. Positive thinking is very important; Studies show that the immune system works better in people who are positive to life.


3- Resting and relaxation is perhaps the oldest treatment of flu and flu and It is still from important remedies for cold.


4- Keep yourself warm. In this case, unless the cause of excessive sweating, the body’s immune system can focus energy to use in the fight against infection.


5- Walking is from another important remedies for cold. In this way, blood circulation increase. Besides, white blood cells keep to the infection area. Be sure that short walks in the clear air are better than lying under a duvet in a stuffy room.


6- Be careful while you are eating. During the cold, the body’s metabolism may be more sensitive. So you can eat low-fat foods, meat and dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.


7- Chicken soup reduces the congestion of the nose and reduces the congestion. In addition, especially hot chicken soup increases secretory production, sneezing and blowing out germs through the body helps.


8- Take plenty of fluid. 6-8 cups of water, fruit juice, tea can be replaced by the lost liquid due to the cold. In addition, the removal of foreign substances from the body is easier.


9- Humidifying the air of the room with water steam is from very good home remedies for cold.


10- Do not smoke. Smoking or exposure to smoke may cause the throat. Because It has a negative effect on the cells.


11- Take enough vitamin C. this method is main home remedies for cold. It has long been believed that cough, sneezing and other symptoms are reduced. High-dose vitamin C affect yourself in a short time. However, in order to increase the fluid intake, juices of fruits rich in vitamin C such as orange, mandarin, kiwi and grapefruit can be drunk.


12- Clean your nose with salt water. It helps to decrease the enema in the nose and decrease the nasal congestion.

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