Saturday, 20 Apr 2019
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there is a symbol of immune system.

11 Quick Ways to Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu

What to do to strengthen the immune system? Strengthening the immune system is usually a thought in winter. But in fact, you need a strong, healthy immune system all year round. What are the effects of season change? It is a necessary that we have a strong immune system for a healthy life. Especially in […]

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a womon is ill.

Home Remedies for Cold: 17 Suggestion to Defeat Cold

Home remedies to defeat the cold invade   Cold is a chronic disorder and you can be ill with the contagious viruses. Many different symptoms such as fever or chills, cough, muscle aches, sore throat headache, nasal congestion, and fatigue are among the symptoms of the common cold. So, how does the cold go? Don’t […]

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Tips for staying healthy and younger

10 Great Tips for Staying Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and younger Staying healthy is everyone’s dream that looking beautiful and perfect. In addition, to live healthier life… While it is impossible to stop aging, you may be able to apply tips for staying healthy with the right foods. Therefore we edited top 10 tips for staying healthy for you. Stay young and […]

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there is a man is washing his hands for personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene – Most Mistakes in Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene   What is personal hygiene? Purpose of personal hygiene is to protect the body from bacteria and virus. Because this bacteria and virus can help to make you sick easily. However, if you protect yourself, the harmful bacteria and virus cannot reach you so you can’t be ill. If you give a lot […]

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a woman is doing squat

How to Do Squat? The Most Impressive 5 Squat Exercises

How to do squat   How to do squat question has been popular recently. Squat is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises. Especially this impressive exercise is princess of bodybuilding because it is used by women than men. However, be sure any princess can’t hurt you as much as squat. We believe people who […]

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there are rich vitamin e foods

Rich Vitamin E Foods

What is vitamin E? Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins. İt is associated with metabolism associate with antioxidant effect, and it struggles against all toxins that cause harm to the body. İt is a miracle vitamin type and vitamin e foods is richness. You can also read; 6 vitamins for healthy and […]

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yoga poses helps to weight loss

5 Effective Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss   Yoga has been popular recently. However, of the origin this miracle meditation go back a long time. When we hear this term we think its mean is only meditation, health but yoga for weight loss has been using in Asian countries for years. You can also read ; What is […]

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a woman doilng fitness and she want to gain muscle

Intermediate Level Fitness Program

Intermediate Fitness Program (2-3 months)  We wrote an effective intermediate fitness program(For 2-3. Month) and also you may be remember that we have prepared for starter level fitness program (for 1 month). In the first month we introduced you to the fitness activities. If you have applied the previous program disciplined, you are ready for the […]

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there are many energy drinks.

Energy Drinks at Home Before Sports

Energy Drinks at Home Before Sports We need absolutely energy drinks when we are tired. İt is very important that you do the movements in exactly correct form because you take efficiency you want from the sport. Therefore you need to enough energy for it. We listed a lot of energy drinks made in home. Let’s see this list; Banana and Walnut mix Banana is the most fruit consumed after the apple and orange in the word. this fruit contains 30 gr Carbohydrate 1 gr Protein and also it contains 17 gr sugar. Especially, it is consumed by athletes. it also contains B6 vitamins that banana meets ¼ for humans. Also, it contains 12 mg C vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B5 and […]

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what is yoga ? what is benefits of this chinese miracle

What is Yoga? Benefits of the China Miracle

What is Yoga?   Yoga is an application that involving awareness transferred to humanity by Patanjali to run into harmony of body and clear mind in İndia 5000 years ago. Yoga words means to integrated with everything in nature. This meditation is a practice with the right pranayama. it also applies asanas and meditation, physics, […]

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