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You have taken your first step into the market, but there are many financial terms. You’re probably confronted with the terms you’ve never heard of, and what are you asking yourself? This can be confusing for you. This situation can be confusing for beginners when there are more technical terms.

To address this confusion, I have listed below the technical terms for basic investment conditions, types of investment and investment strategies.


List of financial terms

Purchase Price;

The price determined by the sellers of the stock, which will allow you to buy the stocks that are traded in the market.


Bear Market;

Indicates the current situation of the market when the markets are experiencing a decline.


The bull market;

The opposite of the bear market, the bullish market was formed in the upward trend of the market.


Sales Price;

It represents the highest price determined by the Buyers to sell the stock.



Broker is a from financial terms.  People call this term the people who traded stocks on behalf of investors.



The profit that you have purchased is called profit by the increase in the price you receive.



This term, also known as dividend, is the payment of dividends in cash or equity shares to the people who invest in that stock in the profits of the period.


Bist100 (Imkb100) Index;

Formerly known as IMKB100 is BIST100. In short, according to the condition of the first 100 stocks traded in Borsa Istanbul, the price is determined.


Bist30 Index;

The BIST 100 index is the most valuable 30 traded in the index.



It refers to the sum of all the investments you have. This includes your investment funds and all your other investments.


Market Price;

The price at which a stock is traded on the stock exchange. This price changes momentarily.



The price of a stock is called the day to show excessive ups and downs. In particular, news about the company and the agenda during the day will cause volatility. In addition, fluctuations in the stocks of which are shallow are seen too much.


Transaction Volume;

It is found by multiplying the price of a stock with the number of days traded.


Investment Products in Finance



A Turkish lira or a foreign currency denominated debt instrument with a maturity of less than one year. If you hold your purchased bono by the end of the due date, you will receive a refund of the principal and interest together.



It has the same characteristics as Bills but it includes longer terms in terms of maturity. Borrowing instruments issued for more than one year are called bonds.



A legally binding contract that includes the receipt and delivery of a certain amount of goods, securities, commodities or foreign currency at the time specified in the futures exchange at the time of the transaction, at a specific date, place and conditions in the future.



Contracts that provide the right to buy or sell a certain amount of property or financial product in a forward term on condition that the price is fixed today. Option gives the investor the right to buy or sell the product.

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