5 Most Important Factors Preventing Your Happiness

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5 most important factors that prevent your happiness

Happiness is the most powerful emotion. you want to be happy substantially like everyone else. You may be working hard for the issue. However, sometimes whatever you do, you can’t get happy.

Many people may think that career, love, intelligence or money will bring happiness because these are . However, there are too many personal and social factors that affect our level of happiness. That’s why the answer is not always .

Fortunately, psychological research has been carried out on this interesting subject.  These studies provided us with valuable information about how we can be happier and more satisfied.

Various researches on this subject show that there are 5 factors that factors preventing happiness. walk with you like a dark cloud on the horizon. İn this situation, Why you can’t be happy although you work hard for this?

There are 5 factors preventing happiness


First of all, you must give up the effort of being

Happiness is a result. If you do anything to be happy you can disrupt the nature of the subject. İn fact, many things you do will bring a happiness inside of its but if you focus on the happiness you expect a result from everything. For example ‘’ we have gone to holiday. With this result, did we happy?

You read a book. Did you was happy? This time it change to a exam for you. Do you know what are you doing? You expect a result for this. So you move away from happiness.

You can’t be happy doing work for this. Live freely, have fun, read book, take time with your friends, meet with people. Happiness will come to you with this way. Don’t think to happiness.


Don’t compare yourself with another person for preventing happiness


To compare yourself with another person destroys every beautiful thing because whatever you have there are always better. To compare is such a virus that this virus infects all of you.

Therefore you will be unhappy step by step. For example you think a person who may be in better situation from you. After this time your work or job will appear as worthless but don’t think that may be If you saw sawdust everything so that no one feel bad about something.

Think that you take the problem every think because you can’t break someone’s hearth. So people is relax but you have a problem with this subjects.

We don’t say you hurt someone’s hearth. We say that don’t keep your problem. Therefore you can even go into depression. Take the problem out! You need to express the subject in front of you. Thanks to this thousands of people want to be in your level. Also every time will the better person from you. So absolutely step back! From this ideas.


Saw sawdust


act, you such relax and fresh that you may the wings behind you. We live the life. Rest of all is happiness. You cannot solve the problems by yourself. If you keep the problem inside, a emotion is created inside of you. This is have a spite against.


Pride emotion


Pride is the situation of comparing itself with others. A constant comparison is a psychological disorder.

Excessive pride may cause a person to be easily taken, hurt, and dragged into behaviors that may be considered as foolish. Pride of the sense of pride is prevented from coming from the environment, avoiding the comparison should be avoided.




There would be no improvement if it was perfect! Without unhappiness, there would be no such thing as happiness: there is no word opposite; it would not be good if it wasn’t bad, it wouldn’t be nice if it wasn’t ugly, it wouldn’t be daylight if it weren’t for night (darkness), there wouldn’t be life without death; life would have no value and importance!   İmage : Pixebay

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