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a photo about inspiritual successful people

7 Inspirational Successful People

7 Precious Inspirational Successful People inspirational successful people won the competition. Life is an entirely competition. For example; monetary, emotional, domestic, business or other issues. Besides, there is an exam must be passed by people about this issues Therefore We need to beat its. Unfortunately many people that failed from the exam. Because their friends […]

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Tips for staying healthy and younger

9 Impressive Habits to be an Effective Person

To be an effective person Who don’t want to be an effective person?  There is no real excellence in all this world. However, effective persons is near this excellence. Because effective persons is searched by people both in business world and social life. Also, there are a power and neutrality in their souls. also you […]

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The most attractive entrepreneurs and their's actions

Most Successful Entrepreneurs and Their Actions

Successful entrepreneurs and their actions in the world Entrepreneurship have been a tendency for a long time but this is not only as start-up or monetary. Therefore successful entrepreneurs that interest in social responsibility project are fenomen. For example: education of girls, sexual violence, prisoner recovery, finance, disaster management and more… These is main problems that it needs to solve in the world. Therefore many people started different projects to solve these problems. Thus Recently Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship selected 11 successful social entrepreneurs in 2018. 4 Lessons to […]

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a woman doing body language to express yourself

10 simple ways to understand body language movements

10 simple ways to understand body language movements   The words that come out of your mouth are only half of your communication with someone. According to the authors the other half of what you are talking about (%55) is your body language. So body language is the most important communication method. It is quite […]

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Peter Thiel ceo of paypal gives advice to entrepreneurs

4 Lessons to Younger Entrepreneurs from Peter Thiel CEO of PayPal

4 Lessons to Younger Entrepreneurs from Peter Thiel Peter Thiel who is the one of the founder of PayPal Company have shared 4 important technique for young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that have a big dreams and ideas cannot evaluate their information’s due to experience failures. This stayed back. Thiel is a person who Author and one […]

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8 Basic Rules to Persuade People

8 Basic Rules to Persuade People   To persuade a human is a divine feature. If we want to be great and successful life we need to achieve to persuade the humans.  You need to know how human think to persuade people to behave the way you want them to. If we know that, think […]

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photo is about obstacles preventing entrepreneurs

The 5 most important obstacles preventing entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has a unique dream and must make long struggles in reaching their goals, and even as a result entrepreneurs can’t get what they want and they can be withdrawn without finishing what they started. But with the precautions to be taken, entrepreneurs can complete the work they have started with very good results […]

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there are many way How to be rich

How to Be Rich Developing Yourself

How to be rich? What is richness? We all know how much money is necessary to sustain our life. However, we don’t know how to be rich. Making more money is a dream for all of us … Even career choices are now made according to the money to be earned. You can also read; https://www.thebealy.com/the-most-valuable-entrepreneurs-and-their-actions/ […]

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