Have You Ever Wondered What Your Emotional Intelligence Is?

a is showing his hands and intelligence emotion.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to manage emotions in a positive way to reduce stress, effective communication, empathy with others, overcoming difficulties, neutralizing conflict. In fact, emotional intelligence consists of three attributes.

1-Relationship management; to develop and maintain good relationship. 

2-Self management; to be able to control the impulse and behaviors and to adapt to changing conditions.

3-Social awareness; to understand the feelings and concerns of people.

Why is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so important?


Believe us the most successful people in life aren’t the smartest people. You can also witness that many people with academic achievements around you cannot show the same success in their private lifes. Yes, intellectual intelligence is necessary for university success. However, when it comes to the final exams, it is the emotional intelligence that directs stress and emotions.


Effects of emotional intelligence


1-On business performance: Now, many companies began to apply EQ test when choosing employees. 

2-On physical health: If you cannot manage your stress level, you are inviting many health problems. 

3-On mental health: Uncontrolled stress will make the person vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

4-On human relations: To understand and control emotions, provides effective and powerful communication.


How can you increase emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional intelligence, is a kind of intelligence that has remained in the shadow of numerical intelligence and has not found its value and importance.Also, improve emotional intelligence and decision-making ability, you need to understand and manage emotions.


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