9 Impressive Habits to be an Effective Person

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Who don’t want to be an effective person?  There is no real excellence in all this world. However, effective persons is near this excellence. Because effective persons is searched by people both in business world and social life. Also, there are a power and neutrality in their souls.

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To be an effective person comes from innate and these effective persons develop yourself in early years. For example; ın more than 25 years of working with people in business, university and marriage and family settings.

They come in contact with many individuals who have achieved an incredible degree of outward success. However, these effective persons find themselves struggling with an inner hunger, a deep need for personal congruency and effectiveness and for healthy, growing relationship with other people.



Let’s see the 9 Habits to be an effective person;

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8 Basic Rules to Persuade People

1) Take action.


It is impossible for you to be an effective person from where you sit. You need to get new experiences, meet new people, improve yourself and live your day more active than the previous day.

Excessive and immobile people do not have very effective results. In short, get up and move now


2) Be a good listener.


Talking and shouting is not about being effective. Therefore you must first learn to listen and listen to your chin to impress people.

By listening to other people’s thoughts and needs by learning to create a sense of sincerity in them.


3) Be Consistent.


Things you say must be correct. Because being coherent and reliable will allow other people to trust you and listen to your words more carefully.


4) Learn to empathy to be an effective person.


People who do not care and respect other people’s feelings and personalities are not effective. As a result, they just confuse the temporary fear that people feel for them. Learning to understand all the people you communicate with and how to put yourself in short periods of time will help you to have a big impact on people.


5) Be a solution man/woman.


The overwhelming majority of people constantly criticize everything because to criticize is easy.

Very few people really try to produce and do something concrete to solve problems. Instead of complaining about the dripping of the bathroom tap, it is necessary to roll up the arms and start repair.

When you are a solution person, you become a consulted person, and your influence increases as you solve problems.


6) To be responsible


Do whatever you do, take whatever the good or bad result of what you do. Only in successful cases “I did it, I did,” he swam, but failure “because I always because of others do not have to blame” Do not be one of the people who fled. Taking responsibility and showing it will enable people to trust you and accept your leadership.


7) Don’t be ordinary.


To be an effective person is not easy process. Because whatever you’re doing, try to do the best and upgrade your standards. If you’re even making a mixed sandwich at the buffet, try to be the best sandwich master in your neighborhood.

When you do this, aim to be the best in your city or even in the country. Even in such a simple job, if you constantly raise your standards and do not agree to be from ordinary people, you will even be surprised at where you will find yourself.


8) Develop yourself gradually.


Spend all your time improving yourself, except working and sleeping. Also, Learn new things, add a skill you don’t know each year before. Read, listen and watch. Continuously improving yourself will attract the attention of you and many of them will be attracted to you like magnets.


9) Prefer to big goal to be an effective person

People who have no ambition and courage are constantly saying “greed is bad“. Ambition is a fire that burnt in man and burns the wick of all kinds of development.

Almost everything that you use today and make your life liveable is the work that ambitious people invent and produce by stubbornly resisting against various attacks, sarcasm and difficulties.

People who do not have ambition live hard times. It is like an ship without route.


source: Aydın Serdar Kuru

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