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Definition of Passive income – What is Passive income?

there are some money and coins interest in passive income

Definition of

Passive income is the income earned automatically requiring minimum effort. Definition of passive income is the opposite of active income.

We mentioned from these terms in this article.

Passive income is to make money without you perform a service for example; you will throw a stone but it will continue to go without stopping. Also you will keep a robot to earn money for you. It may be infinitive money according to your perform.

You can’t to make money unless you work actively.

If you injure because of a disability, illness and another bad condition your earn money ability is lost. For example, if you are a sportsman and have a disability that will end your sporting life. it is definition of active income.

Definition of Passive income and Top 5 Passive Income Ideas 2018

What is Passive İncome?


Whether you are paid hourly, your income is related to the time you spend on your work.

Passive income may be a dream for People because it means to make money while you sleep. It may be seen as definition of passive income

Is it so attractive? Isn’t it?

There are many books written by main authors. In this books aim is to be rich with passive income. However, we know it is so hard process.

We will mention from many tricks to make you rich. If you work hard, you will able to make money with passive income.

The best thing is save from time while you make money. However, we can mention from investment a lot too


What is Active İncome?


Instead of definition of passive income, in active income you will be able to make money working in a job. We think is so bad situation for a lot people.

To make money can be so hard process but if you progress logically then to make money may be a joy for you.

You should read ;


You can read success story from many authors if it is not logic for you. How much can you earn with passive income?  There are many people earn so much money from passive income. However, you need to a few sources.

If you want to make money in real means, don’t give up. Nothing can stop you. İt is certainly depend on you.







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