12 Impressive Cures for Hair Loss

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Cures for loss save your life


giphy - 12 Impressive Cures for Hair Loss Most people around the world expose to since humanity has existed.

Therefore hair loss is not only your problem. We also need to know hair loss can be obsessive problem for people.

Unfortunately, people that have hair losing are more stressful. However, Don’t worry about hair loss.


Here are many cures for hair loss. There are many cures for hair loss both medical and homemade.

There are many reason for this trouble for example; Genres, stressful lifestyle, bad nutrition. İn this article we will help you. We will give you cures for hair loss to combat hair loss and hair growth to be healthy and strong.


Is there any cures for hair loss?


Every hair genre is different from another. First of all, a person who has hair losing must makes a diagnosis about this problem. According to situation the person must take precaution.

If you don’t want to check-up your situation many related personal care products about hair growth are emerging. By using these hair care products, we can provide the prolongation of our hair by eating the healthiest diet and living a life away from the stress.

The situation may be more serious if the situation does not change despite this many precaution thus you can go to control.


Relax your scalp


We live many problems in a normal days and we feel these problem in our body. One of this effected parts of our body is scalp. To be angry prevent blood circulation in the hair follicles. This cause to hair loss, fatigue, hair whitening, excessive lubrication and dandruff. In this position we can refresh doing massage our head but this not from surface. You need to massage deeply. This effective massage must be intense. Before you don’t go to bed you must be made 5 and 10 minutes.


Coconut milk

Coconut milk  is essential for cures for hair loss. it is a healing remedy, nourishing and rejuvenating hair. Massage your scalp with a small amount of fresh or canned coconut milk or leave on the scalp at night. This will also help your hair appear soft and shiny.


Apply mint and cinnamon to your scalp


While you do massage to your scalp you can use care products or natural home-made products. Mint and cinnamon oil couple is most commonly used methods.

We will give a natural method absolutely for you. We know that while mint refreshes the humans body cinnamon gives a little bit heat.With this mix type you will feel so different. We can say for this situation that hot cold effect.


Henna with amazing hair booster effect

It is a plant that grows in India. it is effective cures for hair loss used in India.  Almost every Indian woman who is known for her long, beautiful hair and thoughts regularly uses henna.

Henna has an important role in making hair look bright and strong.


Egg and Beer


Egg  has been used as cures for hair loss and also in various hairs. Besides, it is used in beauty treatments for many years thanks to its nutritious and restorative content.

Meanwhile, beer and egg also have significant effects in the fight against hair loss.

When you combine these nutrition, you will have the strongest natural medicine against hair loss. In addition, this medication gives the hair power and shine.


Choose natural products


If you want to interest in your body you need to choose natural products. It must be natural because you want to use it for beauty and health. We know what unnatural products is so dangerous for human life. Especially if we use this product for hair care.


Aloe vera is from another effective cures for hair loss


The gel in the aloe vera plant contains compounds that slow hair loss and moisturize the scalp. aloe vera is from another important cures for hair loss. If you want to get the best results, you should use a hundred percent organic aloe vera plant.

How to use it?

Take the gel from a fresh aloe leaf and rub it in a gentle, circular motion to the scalp.
Wait until dry and then rinse with warm water.


Comb your hair often to be strong


Combing you hair with a soft comb you can provide to circulation in your hair. At the same time, don’t use plastic comb. You can make some trouble with this comb type. You need to you a comb made from animal or plant clay. You will feel the different.


Alfalfa water


Alfalfa water used for many years, hair care medicines. It is especially important in feeding hair follicles, preventing hair thinning and developing new hair in hair loss areas. The liquid can be applied both as a current and as a refreshing vitamin drink with carrot juice.


Balanced diet


Our hairs need to many vitamin to stay strong. Also, we need to mineral, protein, fatty acids. We can use this foods in our daily meals;


Raw fruits and vegetables



Fish oil

Beer yeast

Sea Salt

Pure butter

Protein-containing products ; red meat, white meat, milk, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, cheese, almond.


Indian Oil

This product has been used for years to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

Initially, this product was used to promote eyelash growth. However, it was later discovered that it is very useful for all hair.

How should you use this product?

Pour a little Indian oil into the palm of your hand, gently massage it to your hair and scalp.
Repeat this treatment every day, preferably before bedtime.


By-By to stressful life


Finally, Stress the most important problem for hair. it is the emotional and physical tension that your body feels in the face of a difficult or disturbing situation.

The person feels unhappy. With this way, it is not even the shedding of our hair because of stress. So we must value ourselves and convince ourselves that each problem will heal over time.


Here are other cures for hair loss;


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