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Crypto currency

Bitcoin History and Informations

What is history of Bitcoin   There are many questions about Bitcoin and Bitcoin History; What does  the most invested coin in the money market do? What is Bitcoin history? What is Bitcoin? Is paper replacing the money? How can I buy from this the most popular coin type? We have been frequently asked questions […]

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statistics about forex

What is Forex ?

Forex As word mean, Forex is Foreign Exchange. It express to exchange a currency to another currency and forex mainly expresses the whole of the international market. This market is one of the most enormous market in the world that offers leveraged trading to its investors. This market is not just exchange currency but also […]

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there is a newspaper about basic concepts of economics

12 Basic Concepts of Economics

What is economy Concept? Basic concepts of economics and understanding economy is as vital as learning to drive the car without errors. Here we will look at some concepts of economics that everyone should understand. Be careful is main target. We can say about Economy; when talking about the world that first talked about the economic gain and financial situation. Because these are the first things to look at. Also, concepts of economics will […]

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