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there is a photo included silver coins.

Silver Investing: Best Ways To Invest in Silver

Silver investing is popular   Silver investing has been popular  because silver has lower price and market cap then gold. Therefore, many investors start to invest to silver investing now. This white gold seen as safe harbour. Investors start to use the silver as long-term big profit tool. People used the silver only as jewellery […]

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a woman is saving money.

Why our financial future is important for us ?

Financial future     While people complain about their financial future, they also seek solutions to these complaints. However, most of the time the problems arise not from the outside but from the inner world of the human. As long as we don’t take on our financial responsibility, we cannot say I should do something […]

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a man is reading newspaper about invest yourself

Invest Yourself: The Most Important Investment You Are

Invest yourself is the most important investment for you       Invest yourself is most important for your life. Besides, you need to invest yourself. Therefore be sure it is wrong idea. If you think like this, money is one of the most powerful catalysts in the world. In fact, invest yourself is not […]

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there are best stock market books.

Top 6 Stock Market Books Should Be Read

Stock market books   Stock market books are a secret. Many notes is kept in the papers that are precious. Therefore, there are great stock market books we should read. Being an investor in Capital Markets is very different according to other investment areas. It is a difficult area where new information is learned every […]

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910 Keynes 634 360x240 - Keynesian Economics: The Most Well-Known Economist John Keynes

Keynesian Economics: The Most Well-Known Economist John Keynes

Keynesian Economics   Keynesian economics is famous in business world. Today, the most well-known economist is John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946). Especially, the general theory of employment, Invest and Money books is from the classics of economy literature. His book The General Theory of Employment (1936), which he especially wrote, forms the basis of The Keynesian […]

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There is a figure about jobs of future

Jobs of Future: The Best 10 Future Jobs of the World

Jobs of Future   Technology develops is such a rapidly that it touch to any point of our life. However, it can be fearful because phone or computer is not common almost ten years ago. However, today everything is so different as development and it will affect the jobs of future too. Be sure this […]

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there are some money and coins interest in passive income

Definition of Passive income – What is Passive income?

Definition of Passive income Passive income is the income earned automatically requiring minimum effort. Definition of passive income is the opposite of active income. We mentioned from these terms in this article. Passive income is to make money without you perform a service for example; you will throw a stone but it will continue to […]

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there are much money

How a Turkish Entrepreneur Managed to Get Fund? About $ 400,000

How a Turkish entrepreneur managed to get $ 400,000 fund?     Many people consider to get fund as a hard process. However, these problems started to reduce nowadays. Today we will mention from collective funding companies to get fund like crowd funding. Also, If you believe your project is valuable you can try your […]

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