11 Quick Ways to Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu

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What to do to strengthen the immune system?

Strengthening the immune system is usually a thought in winter. But in fact, you need a strong, healthy immune system all year round.

What are the effects of season change?

It is a necessary that we have a strong immune system for a healthy life. Especially in the winter… Many upper respiratory tract infections, from colds to flu, bronchitis to pharyngitis, knock on our door in the snowy winter.

Seasonal changes and sudden temperature differences can adversely affect the body. Especially people with chronic diseases can be affected very easily by this change. For this reason, some measures need to be taken to increase the immune system of the body in the season.

K. Bereket who is a medicine specialist at Central Hospital say ‘’ Human body may not adopt to this sudden seasonal changes. Therefore, people with chronic diseases can be affected very easily by this change.

For this reason, the body stress and the defense system may weaken. These types of situations are common, especially in the season. People need to some measures to increase the immune system of the body in the season.


there is blood inside of human body.

People with chronic diseases


The human body is greatly affected by temperature differences. Due to the sudden changes in temperature, the body may not be able to adapt immediately to this situation. For this reason, it becomes stressed and the immune system may weaken.

Don’t worry about it because these kinds of situations is normal in the season. as the immune system of the body decreases during the transition period from winter to spring, influenza epidemics can often be seen. Viruses that cause flu can affect healthy individuals and may progress more severely in people with chronic illness.

Especially in people with high blood pressure, heart and diabetes, influenza can be progressed rapidly and become pneumonia. In some cases, deaths may occur due to advanced pneumonia. People with chronic illnesses need to be more careful because their immune system is weaker during the season. The same applies to the elderly, pregnant women and children.


there are many juice for immune system

Juices is necessary for your health

Juices is absolutely a hero of destroyed immune system. It is a rule that you consume plenty of water and take medicines regularly.

Sodium and potassium loss may also occur due to sweat. Patients with chronic illnesses should be under constant control. Blood tests, keratin and urea tests are mandatory, especially during summer and at the end of summer by contacting a specialist.


Hormonal and psychological balances may change


Normally, the body needs 37.5 degrees of heat. There are heat regulators in the center of the human brain that allow the body to adjust the temperature. By means of this center, the heat level from the external environment is controlled. Besides, the temperature of the body is increased or decreased. However, this changing center may also be difficult to do in sudden changing temperatures.

Every person feels the temperature in the weather. Even though physiological causes are usually the cause of this situation, the perception of temperature of people may change when psychological factors are added. Due to sudden differences in temperature and humidity, the individual can experience weakness, insomnia, fatigue and depression. In addition, hormonal and psychological balances may be impaired.


Beware if you have a stressful structure


The effect of seasonal changes on each person is different. The effect of daily life on the body is adaptive to the season. Physical weakness is felt more intensely in the stressful, anxious, excited and nervous people. Therefore, they are more susceptible to illness.


Overweight and thyroid patients should be more careful


Hormonal changes may occur frequently during the transition to the season. There may be an increase in appetite with these changes. Care should be exercised as dietary habits may change when changing days of changing weather conditions are added.

Especially overweight people are more attentive during this period. Seasonal change also affects thyroid patients negatively. Conditions such as fatigue, lethargy, tension and stress caused by hot differences can disrupt the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.


Business and private life is also affected


Seasonal changes can also affect people’s psychological balances. Exposure to darkness and cold air suddenly exposed during the winter can cause emotions to fluctuate. Feelings related to seasonal changes may be different in every person. Some people get through this situation more quickly, while others can become depressed. It can even lead to problems in business and private life.

Listen these precautions


Some measures can be taken against the effects of seasonal transitions on general body health. For this, each individual should plan healthy eating, regular sleep routine and physical activities. In this way, the immune system can be strengthened.

Vitamins and mineral supplements should also be consumed for seasonal vegetables and fruits. Water consumption should be increased and harmful habits such as cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided. Also Stress and anxiety is one of the factors triggering many diseases and should be avoided.


Strengthen your immune system


There are many suggestions that cancer patients can do to prevent the harmful effects of the disease and to fight better with the disease.

It is important that you apply the nutritional recommendations for these patients correctly. When the immune system is strengthened and the result is better than the treatment, the immune system is strengthened and it is possible to get better results.


What are the vitamins that strengthen the immune system?


  • Do not limit fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil.
  • In your meals, you must have vegetable-based foods such as cereals, beans, starchy root vegetables, vegetables and fruits.
  • Remember that antioxidants in whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables are protective.
  • You should consume dark-colored elements that have rich antioxidant sources. Because it is important for immune system.
  • Keep in mind that weight control with a moderate amount of food is a basic rule of healthy eating.
  • Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. (Recommended 8-10 portions.)
  • If you’re doing sports, consume eggs and poultry, more fish and poultry meat to preserve your muscle mass.
  • Do not consume very spicy food.


What are the nutrients that strengthen the immune system? The immune system provides protection against cancer and many serious diseases.

Here are suggestions for strengthening the immune system



The most important factor for a strong immune system is healthy nutrition;

Eat appropriate amounts of prepared natural foods in healthy conditions and create a protective shield effect for your body.


Raw fruits and vegetables are defending diseases;

Remember that vegetables and fruits help strengthen the immune system through the natural vitamins and other antioxidants they contain.


Get enough protein during the day;

Consume animal proteins with vegetable proteins in a balanced manner.


Take advantage of the protective effect of probiotics;

Remember that foods such as yogurt and kefir play an important role in the healthy functioning of the immune system elements in the gastrointestinal tract.


Water is the source of life;

Remember that if the water is not consumed sufficiently during the day because of the salts and minerals in it, the immune system will be adversely affected.


Keep balanced your ideal weight for immune system;

Fast weight loss weakens the immune system. Avoid unconscious and fast weight loss diets.


Do not neglect the power of tea;

Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants. Polyphenols in tea help to fight with oxidant substances that can cause many diseases, so eat green tea for immune system.



Drinking fruit-vegetable juice is from the general home remedies to strengthen the immune system.

Sleep enough.

Be positive.

Do not be in a smoking environment.







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