What is Beacon Technology? What is future of the Cool Technology

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First of all, if you need to learn the technology: it is a cool technology that provides location information using low energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. As more simply, products or devices with beacon technology can emit passive signals and interact with smartphones near them. Depending on the distance, this technology reaches people and then transmits the desired information to the people they interact with.

For example, a product at a store or store near you can be emit Beacon signals during shopping. In this case, users with special signals and information can be contacted by receiving the signals. Of course, it is not right to think of this technology for advertising purposes only. As a different example, the artifacts in the museum can also send information to the smart phones of the people who use the Beacon technology.



Beacon technology also can be used for many purposes


Apart from providing the technology information, Beacon technology can also be used for many purposes. As soon as a Beacon transmitter in our home knows ‘’ House holders are in the house’’. In the following years, we can track a lot of data. For example; hours at which we spent, the technology we follow.

In this context, if we evaluate Beacon technology, this technology can be used in a large area of ​​our life. For example; health and education institutions, public spaces, transportation, museums, activity areas, industrial solutions, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. It seems that we will often be exposed to this technology throughout the day, especially when working areas, events, shopping malls, as well as Beacon technology enter our homes.

The biggest feature that distinguishes Beacon technology from GPS is that you are close to the Beacon transmitter rather than your exact location. The biggest shortage of technology for now is to choose Bluetooth for communication.  Today, many people keep the Bluetooth of their smartphone off during use. However, if Beacon would prefer low-energy Wi-Fi solutions instead of Bluetooth, it could become more widespread in the future.


What is situation of the beacon technology in the world?


The use of this technology, which can be developed in a direct proportion to the intended use of imagination, is increasing day by day. According to the analyzes, in 2018 only 4.5 million Beacon transmitters will be used in the US.

Considering that other countries have built infrastructure for this technology, it would not be wrong to say that the Beacon transmitters will be expressed in tens of millions in the coming years. On the other hand, there are 570 million Android and iOS devices that can communicate with these transmitters.


Apple has patented the iBeacon Technology

Apple has patented its unique Beacon technology under the name iBeacon. Even the Philips museum and Disney’s Colorado amusement park have already begun to use the iBeacon technology. At this point, Apple has taken an early step towards Beacon technology, which is said to be one of the future technologies.


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