9 Ways to Live Long at Least 20 Years

we mention that to effective ways to live long in this article

9 Ways To Prolong Your Lifetime At Least 20 Years

People want in a big rate but they can shorten it by his own hand. As scientists continue to discover the great properties of our DNA’s, we learn clues about how to live long.

With these 11 tips, in a sense we can call the secrets of , you can change your life as well.


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1) Getting Enough Sleep

2) Healthy Diet

3) Exercise

4) Avoiding Bad habits (smoking, heavy drinking)

5) Stress management

Eat Homemade Food

home cooking is much healthier than fast food and this is a fact accepted by everyone if your goal is to live long. Stay away from fast food, dessert, junk food and unhealthy fats.

Make a homemade meal and eat it. Drink green tea instead of coffee for a strong heart and healthy brain. this habits will effect your health to live long biologically.


Friends are Vital to live long

Communication is important in terms of mind exercise and to live long . Know the value of your time, go to festivals with your friends, go to travel. Discover new things together. Don’t forget to take Long Term Life Insurance to secure this association in the future.


Sleep At Least 6 Hours

Sleeping is crucial for being healthy. almost everyone known that regular sleep habits is a main reason for healthy living. Enough sleep stores the energy that body needs.

Sleep early and wake up early. Continue this habit and see the different. So the brain processes the information and stabilizes the nervous system.


Consume Sea Food

when we revive the Asian people like Japanese we see generally these people as slim body. Also Japanese people is the most long living people in the world.

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Many author in BBC say ”if you want to live long you need to eat less.” Eat less red meat and eat more fish. Less red meat eating reduces the risk of cancer, while consuming more sea foods reduces the risk of Alzheimer with amino acids it contains.


150 Minutes Exercise Weekly

Do an exercise 30-40 minutes every other day. Before sleep, doing yoga or any type of exercise to live long. An Active sexual life, on the other hand, helps to balance and regulate hormones as well as strengthen the heart and nervous system. İt is help to live long and prolonged life. Also there is no better cardio than this if you are a lazy person!


Obtain Pet if it possible

Who would say that the secrets of long life to get pets! The relationship of the animals with the people and the intense love that they feel makes people want to live longer.


10-15 Minutes Meditation Every Day

Regular meditation revives brain cells and reduces the risk of heart disease. Also, if there is sleep disorder, it plays an important role in eliminating this deficiency.


Go On Working After 70

Working actively helps your brain stay active. It keeps your self-respect and social life alive.


Happy Marriage

Some say that long marriages make life long as long as your marriage is happy. In other words, this rule is not valid on unhappy and unrespectful marriages.
In addition to all of these, of course, not only a long life but also a quality life is acceptable . The secrets of long life are actually not secrets; just take good care of yourself and your health!

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