9 Beauty Suggestions Make Your Life Easier

woman is doing make-up and she is looking the mirror. make up suggestions is important for this girl.

Beauty suggestions that will make your life easier


Beauty suggestions can be save your life in some moments. so we listed  effective daily make-up tricks need to know this methods;


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Use One Variety of Products

First steps in beauty suggestions is products. Beauty products you use are first steps to make your life easier. If you use a powder foundation, your make-up products such as the headlamp and blush should also be powdery.

If you are using liquid foundation, you should prefer cream blush and cream headlight. This is because the liquid mixes with the liquid and the powder is mixed better with the powder. So your makeup will be smoother.


While you do eyebrow Makeup


This topic took place in second place for beauty suggestions. Although it may seem a little bit weird, you can see the upper part of your eyebrows better by scratching your eyebrows and it is more comfortable to paint your eyebrows.


Use Your Makeup on Different Ways


Makeup materials can be expensive. Therefore, you can use a product in multiple locations on your face. Instead of blush your lip gloss, you can use your powder blush instead of eye shadow.


Apply Highlighter


We have a suggestion for those who don’t like to do a makeup! If you don’t want to apply a lot of products to add shine to your face, you can apply highlighter under your concealer.


Spread it more than you think


Make-up sponge, brush or your hand … These are important goods in beauty suggestions.  Make sure to apply your moisturizer, concealer and foundation on your a little longer than you think you need to apply the in a period of time, and make sure that there is no color difference between your neck and your face.


Make your Makeup in High Light


We can miss the details in . it is important for beauty suggestions. It may be beneficially that you need to make your makeup in highlight. you can fix the mistakes you missed in highligh. it was another methods in beauty suggestions


Sun Protection Cream

SPF effective creams that we apply to our faces often need our hands exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. If you apply SPF effective creams to your hands in the morning, your hands will look young for many years.


Keep your hands on ice after manicure

Most of the time, after manicure, waiting for our nails to dry out becomes torture. If you put your hands in ice water for a few minutes after manicure, your nails will dry faster.


For Men Use Shaving Blades

It may sound strange at first when you read it, but if you have sensitive skin use men’s shaving products, male shaving razors shave more closely to prevent skin irritation. At the same time, men’s shaving blades are much cheaper than and give a smoother result.




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