8 Basic Rules to Persuade People

8 Basic Rules to People


To persuade a human is a divine feature. If we want to be great and successful life we need to achieve to persuade the humans.  You need to know how human think to persuade people to behave the way you want them to. If we know that, think you want begin to open one by one.

People think that general truths do not apply to themselves and see themselves as an exception. Most smugglers accept that smoking is harmful, but they think the smoker has not “touched” them.

In order to convince people they need to download their special. It is necessary to tell people what we expect from them in particular, to plan together with them how to achieve it, and to make a program together. Personalized, individualized concrete propositions are more persuasive.

Also, People tend to reject any proposal that is in conflict with their current beliefs. So to persuade someone to value the judge, life style, the point of view of life is necessary to understand well. How can you take seriously what a person who defends the opposite of what you think, or even a person who despises your opinion?


Firstly People react as a reflex to every proposition that contradicts their existing beliefs and ideas. It is necessary to know and respect his beliefs, ideas and values in order to influence and persuade a person.


Kevin Hogan: The key to is two words: your choice

 Anonymous: If you cannot persuade, mix your head.


Main Persuade methods and its effects


We use many different persuasion methods, either consciously or unconsciously, both in work and in daily life. We have write this persuade methods for you;


  • First small later bigger request
  • First Bigger request then small request
  • Ever-increasing request method
  • Yes-Yes technique
  • Don’t ask if , ask which technique
  • That’s not all
  • The technique of responding to a question with a question
  • Planting technique


First small later bigger request

This method is perhaps the most persuasive technique on which the most research has been carried out and whose influence has been questioned. It is also named as ‘’ foot in the door ‘’

İn this technique the person who persuaded ask a favor of little request in targeting position person and then step by step towards greater demands.



First Bigger Then small request

This method of persuasion is also called “rejection first, then acceptance” or “technique of crashing into the face of the door” As can be understood from the name, first a large, then a small request is found.

The process takes place in the form of an appeal, in which people are highly likely to be denied access to the value system or financial situation and, consequently, highly likely to be rejected, and then reduced in anticipation to settle the goal. In most scientific researches, this technique is one of the really effective persuasion techniques.



Ever-increasing Requests method

Firstly an acceptable proposal is presented, then the proposal is enlarged step by step to the point where it says yes. For example; the customer is attracted to the gallery giving a low and attractive price for the car; then the difference in engine volume, model, hardware and accessories is gradually added to sell a premium car that the customer never thought about at first.

Purpose is to confuse of a person. So here purpose is to create the person whom the sales person wants.


 Not only it persuasion technique

It is mean to ‘’ that’s not all ‘’.  Before costumer don’t decide to buy a product seller starts to make the product attractive for the purchase of the product.

“If you buy these products, I will give you 15% discount and I will also give you this promotion”. When someone does a favor for you, or goes to give or give a gift, you feel a responsibility to respond to his benevolence. So costumer be prone to buy of this good.


Yes-Yes Technique

This is qualified trick. Purpose in Yes-Yes technique is to ask questions that are likely to ‘’yes ‘’ respond highly. Afterward the main demand is asked at the end. The aim is to numb the brain and get it done.


Don’t ask if, ask which technique

Without asking whether the person needs a product or whether he wants to make a choice about any topic, he or she is offered direct options and is expected to choose one of them by making a mistake.

This technique is mostly the responsibility of the chocolate cake you have eaten in the pastry where you go to have a cup of coffee only, or the suit you buy in the store where you only go to buy socks. Which technique, not hurriedly, is widely used in business life, but also the saviours of successful communicators in everyday life?


Ask question with a question technique

The persuasion process does not always work as intended by the source. Sometimes the source or people who are stuck in need to save time. The technique of responding to the question through question is commissioned at this stage. ‘’ Why do you think so ‘’ usually use as persuade manipulation technique


Planting technique for persuade

Purpose is to plant in costumers mind. We can mainly see this method on TV advertisements.  For example, in food advertisements, it is achieved with the accents such as “hot soup”, “red tomato”, “and crispy potato”. The effect of this technique is mostly explained by perceptual associations. Attention to exaggerated discourses.



Also Vance Packard explain how to use the 8 ways ;

  1. Create emotional security.
  2. Make people feel valued.
  3. Give the lead to the person to be persuaded.
  4. Ensure that people also contribute to production. In a simple cake making, let’s have some of them.
  5. Uncover the feeling of love.
  6. Feel that they are strong.
  7. Death is inevitable, but still say that for the feeling of immortality, after death, the names will continue to live.




















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