6 vitamins for healthy and smooth skin

there are a lot of vegetables containing vitamins for health.

for health and beauty are important


Vitamins for health are very important to have a beautiful and healthy skin because we need it constantly in my daily life thus the vitamins play a very effective supporting role for smooth vivid and impressive skin. Vitamins are in a constant battle against these negative factors when our skin is affected negatively. Vitamins cannot be product on our body so we must take it from outside. Additionally vitamins is used in skin care products highly. People vitamins for health and beauty and it is magic secret.

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In this article we will explain which product are useful for your skin beauty.

6 Vitamins for health and beauty



 It is a vitamin group that is again many skin illness. If your skin is dry, this may mean you have not taken enough Vitamin. As it is known that it supports the renewal of the tissues, it is important to take A Vitamin in the treatment of the damage to the skin and the wounds. so if you take vitamins your skin will recover faster.

Vitamin A is a perfect supplement. If you want to keep fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and other signs of aging on the skin, Vitamin A will help you. Lot of eggs, milk, butter, cheese, green vegetables, spinach, cabbage, oranges, apricots and carrots are also found and are excellent supplements for your skin and body.

B3 Vitamin

B3 vitamin is from another important vitamins for health. the better our skin works, the less moisture loss we have, the less susceptible to allergies, the less redness we have on our minds, and the B vitamins must be used regularly in order to have a healthy skin.

Foods containing B Vitamins;

Green leafy vegetables, almonds, peanuts and nuts are also sources of Vitamin B9. Cheese, milk, eggs, fish, carrots, corn, dates, wheat too.


 D Vitamin

The most popular information with this vitamin is calcium. However, but this vitamin provides more benefits. D vitamin is a very effective weapon against psoriasis.


C Vitamin

C vitamin is effective against wrinkles and can also be safely used for dangling skin and fine wrinkles. Vitamin C is highly available in skin care products against skin wrinkles therefore if you want to have a smooth, soft and youthful skin, Vitamin C will help you.

Foods containing vitamin C;

Red pepper and parsley, kiwi, broccoli, lemon, strawberry, grapefruit, black pepper tomatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cucumber are also a good source of vitamin C.


K vitamin

Vitamin K is found in many skin creams and is an indispensable blessing for the eyes.

You must eat for K vitamin; Parsley, Lettuce, Cabbage, Curry, Stewed pepper


E vitamin

Vitamin E; relieves skin aging and moisturizes the curls in your skin so that the skin is soft and prevents wrinkles.

Especially wheat seed oil, cereals and green leafy vegetables, hard nuts especially nuts and almonds, olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil













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