10 simple ways to understand body language movements

a woman doing body language to express yourself

10 simple ways to understand movements


The words that come out of your mouth are only half of your communication with someone. According to the authors the other half of what you are talking about (%55) is your body language. So body language is the most important communication method.

It is quite natural that the effort to understand a body language starting from Darwin. In the past century in our life, people haven’t gone far to understand body language.

İn this case people forced to communicate. But don’t worry, now you will be able to read the body language of in front of you. With this tricks and methods you can easily understand your mind, not your language.


if the person turn his or her eyes away while talking in body language

If the person turn his/her eyes away or close while talking this person may hide himself / herself against the outside world. That doesn’t mean he is afraid of you. He has developed such a shield because he is tired and tired of you and the outside world.

The person who is closing his/her mouth

if he can’t control this, then he is closing his mouth with his hand. Also, If the person who speaks is using this movement, it means that he may be lying. But if you are doing this action while you are talking, it means that you think you are lying! One of the most disturbing things that can happen to someone who is speaking in front of the crowd is that the listeners make this move during their talk.

Rub the chin

You might be looking up, down, left, right, rubbing his chin without realizing where he’s looking. Body language is thoughtful and unstable.

Holding His Arms Together

If the person is tying his arms, he is not comfortable. This situation, which is often called a defensive position, indicates that the other person want to close yourself to communication.


Moving Forward

If the person wants to communicate with the other person and is interested, he / she extends his upper body forward. In this case, the person is open to you.


Leaning Backwards

If the person sitting opposite you is leaning backwards, this indicates that you are tired of the subject you are talking about. The people in the environment began to give him no more anxiety.


Combining and Flapping

According to body language experts, our hands are directly proportional to what passes through our minds. The rubbing and rubbing of the hands together shows that the person is in positive emotions. People who dream about the future often shake their hands together.


Collecting Hair Over in body language

If the person on your side is picking up the spilled hair on your clothes, this signifies that he does not agree with you, but you are afraid to tell you. In this case, you can understand that you can’t express your feelings and thoughts openly.


To extend his/her legs to a table

In fact, this act is perceived by many as disrespectful behaviour. The person who extends his legs to the table may want to show who the boss with this action is.


Sitting back in a chair

When the other person sits upside down in the chair, you feel you are ready to argue with it, do not you? You may be right. We can say that this movement is preferred by more dominant people.

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